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We deliver a Salesforce solution to specifically address your business issueS and maximize your potential.

Management business and sales team

Omni-channel marketing and marketing automation

Digitalization of back office and operations

Omni-channel and contact center automation

Management of field workers

Business and technology solution concept

Migration from on-premises SAP / Siebel to Salesforce

Dalibor Machoň

"More than 10 years ago, we created a CRM for merchants with the motto" Client on the first place ". Today, we have replaced this system with a Salesforce solution with the motto "Client in one place". Merchants have information about  clients in one place and can provide clients with the perfect service. Thanks to Enehano team´s great work , the implementation was successful in a record time and  with according quality. I am looking forward to further cooperation in the development of new functions leading to growth ... "

Why Enehano?

WE ARE the # 1 SALESFORCE consulting partner IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC
50+ Salesforce experts in the Czech Republic

At Enehano, there are more than 50 professionals who have more than 140 Salesforce certifications

100% focus on Salesforce platform

We focus exclusively on project solutions on the Salesforce platform. Thanks to this and the size of our team, we also have the most experience on the Czech market.

Enterprise projects deliveries

We supply Salesforce to the largest customers on the Czech market, such as ČSOB insurance company (part of KBC group), ČMSS or Equa bank. We supply comprehensive solutions, including integration, security and data transformation.

International projects deliveries

We have experience with deliveries for companies operating worldwide, with rollout solutions around the world and deliveries for scaling startups, where the situation changes every day. Ex. T-Systems, Kiwi.com, productboard, Carvago, …

Flexibility and responsibility for delivery

This is one of the main points that our customers appreciate. Large projects cause a lot of changes and have many implications to your company. We are the partner who will work with you to deliver the project.

Top quality of our delivery services

We are constantly improving the process of our deliveries. Since 2020, we have introduced other elements to improve quality, such as the architecture board.

Case studies

read more about our work in case studies examples

Zonky.cz is a Czech peer-to-peer service that provides online loans between people. The company, which had its CRM system based on the Salesforce platform, was looking for a partner to help manage development by combining its own experience with other Salesforce tools.

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Kiwi.com is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world and its mission is to revolutionize tourism. Thanks to the unique Virtual Interlining technology, Kiwi.com is able to get travelers from any point A to any point B in the world at the best possible price.

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T-Systems looked to the future to upgrade from its long-running Siebel CRM to the new Salesforce platform. Understanding and implementing the possible complications of moving to a more advanced platform was a major challenge.

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