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Where We Excel

We love automatization

Sales automation

Sales and automation go hand in hand.. Just imagine scoring three to five times more leads per day using the same overhead.

Connecting marketing, sales and customer support

Our solution will place all your company data into one seamless dashboard experience.

Customer scoring

Don’t let an important deal fall through the cracks. Use more than 100 markers to score and nurture your leads, segment your customers and strengthen your sales.

Streamlining the sales process

Whether you use one sales process or multiple to conduct business, our CRM tool will cover them all.

Leverage real-time data to improve sales and marketing

Improve your sales and marketing strategies with our backend app, which streams real-time data directly to your CRM, sales and marketing teams.

Our Clients

Success stories

We helped Productboard implement a scoring system and automate their marketing in just three months. The company’s investment turnover ratio grew sevenfold after implementation.

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Hubert Palán
Founder & CEO of Productboard

"Enehano was the successful ingredient behind our Salesforce setup. After raising Series A financing, the integration has allowed us to serve many more leads with the same overhead."

How It Works

We'll implement the perfect solution for you within 10 weeks

The implementation process varies depending on the needs of each individual customer.

1. - 2. Weeks
Preliminary analysis

We carefully analyze our customer's needs and define a KPI that will best align with their vision. Customers will receive a Salesforce implementation plan tailored to meet their goals.

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