Event App Installation & Technical requirements

1. Eventbrite registration

If you haven't registered yet, do so here. After completing the registration, you will receive the ticket by e-mail - if you do not see the e-mail, check your spam.

You will need a unique code - "Order number" that you obtained and can find in the bottom part of your Eventbrite confirmation e-mail to join the 3D world or live stream password to join the live stream.

2. Download Confer-O-Matic App

Confer-O-Matic is a platform running as a client application on Windows 10 and macOS operating systems.

Just download, unzip & run. No installation, VR equipment or anything else needed.

Keep in mind that the world will be unlocked one day before the event on 12th May. You won't be able to enter the world before (but you can still download the launcher, which we highly recommend).

Windows users

Link to download the app - Windows: https://links.enehano.cz/Enehano-dts2-Win.zip

  • Unzip the file.
  • Open the file - Enehano-dts2
  • Install the app.
  • After finishing the installation process, open the file. An app window is going to be open, for logging in, enter the ticket code.

Mac users

Link to download the app - Mac: https://links.enehano.cz/Enehano-dts2-Mac.dmg

  • Download the app from the link.
  • Click on the file to verify and open the app.
  • Open the app and enter the code from your ticket.

Log In

Insert the Eventbrite Order Number to Log in window without # (just numbers). You will see the main menu of the app. You can choose the avatar, set up the camera, mic and enter the 3D world.

If you need any help find green avatars with the Enehano logo on their chest.

Instructions for moving around the world

You look around the world (and thus also determine the direction of subsequent movement)

You can walk with Arrow Or with the WASD / W-forward, A-left, S-reverse, D-right / keys

Jump - Spacebar + walk forward
You are running - WASD + Shift
To return to the Menu and Help press Esc.

We look forward to you! In case of problems, contact Sli.do, enter the DTS2021 event code and write your question in the Help section or send a message to WhatsApp number: +420 730 635 095.
Link: https://app.sli.do/event/jzsej9rf Code: DTS2021

Known issues

(a) When installing on Windows, the operating system may warn you that you are installing an insecure application with the message "Windows has protected your computer", usually just click on "More information" and then the exe file can be run.

(b) The virtual world does not work if you have VPN enabled. It needs to be turned off.

(c) There may also be problems with a strict firewall or antivirus settings on your computer. If you can change the settings or enable this application, or temporarily suspend the antivirus or firewall if your security policy allows it.

(d) We do not recommend using Teams, Zoom, or any application that requires a microphone and camera connection at the same time.

What will the event look like and what can you look forward to?

Welcome to Hawaii! 

With your avatar, you will be able to attend workshops, keynote, and network with other participants. Check the event agenda.

Learn more about the agenda





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