Are you looking for a platform that would allow you to collaborate with your B2B partners, a platform where you would allow customers to communicate their requirements or find answers to frequently asked questions, or an internal HR platform for your employees? The answer is the same in all cases - Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Experience Cloud enables the rapid and developmentally undemanding implementation of a digital platform that connects your business with customers, partners or your own employees.

81% of end customers prefer self-service above all

Experience Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform, which makes it a very effective tool for communicating, storing and displaying data or a deeper understanding of the target audience.

Main benefits of Experience Cloud

Connecting the entire business
Space for your customers
Space for your partners
Easy customization and branding
Personalized user experience
Productive social interaction
Easy integration with other systems
Mobile solution and responsibility

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What's at risk if I don't implement Experience Cloud?

Loss of customers

The customer expects a multichannel approach, both in terms of customer support and the provision of other services.

Falling behind the competition

New market entrants bring with them considerable innovation in the customer experience, which also raises customer expectations.

Low flexibility

The ability of IT systems to respond flexibly to the business requirements of your company can be crucial in the current situation of intensifying competition, especially if we are talking about digital customer relationships.

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