Today's customers demand fast, responsive and personalized service across all available channels from any device. Salesforce Service Cloud is guaranteed to help you increase the satisfaction of your customers, including the efficiency of the provided customer care.

Service Cloud will enable you to strengthen customer care with a 360° view of each individual.

Customers using Salesforce Service Cloud have seen an average increase of up to 45% in customer satisfaction.

77% of customer service workers report that automation of routine tasks in Service Cloud allows them to focus more on complex tasks.

Main benefits of Service Cloud

All customer information in one place
Professional customer service tailored to each customer
Extensive corporate knowledge base and self-service
Efficient distribution of customer requests
A true “omnichannel” customer experience
Field Service for employees in the field


What is at risk if I don't implement Service Cloud?

Low productivity and employee satisfaction

The fragmentation of information slows down the processing time of incoming requests.

Poor customer experience

Even a single negative customer experience increases customer retention costs.

Insufficient overview of current events

Monitoring that does not take place in real time does not allow for a flexible response to changes in the current situation.

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