Salesforce products
#1 CRM

The most used cloud CRM in the world

The most innovative company

For the past 6 years, Salesforce has been named one of the most innovative companies by Forbes magazine.

The most scalable cloud platform

Flexibility is part of the solution and our solutions are easily expandable with third-party applications.

Our Challenge

Salesforce is a World Leader in CRM and Enterprise Cloud Systems. It isn´t just about CRM, but mainly about the platform as such. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to scale your business in almost real time. Because it´s a Cloud Solution, you have access to your data from anywhere, anytime and from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, even offline).

As such, Salesforce consists of several modules, so-called clouds, and within each cloud, standard functionalities covering  most of your business processes are available. At the same time the solution can be tailored to your requirements, including connection to your internal systems, as it is a programmable platform.

Salesforce Products

Service cloud

Intuitive support for your service. Promoting a one-to-one relationship with each customer. Communication via traditional channels (phone, email) to social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Maximizing the customer experience. Integrated communication tools (Chatter, email, calendar).

Community cloud

Creating and managing communities for your customers and the cooperation of your employees. Unification and coordination of activities of sellers, partners and distributors. Communication platform for your customers. Share the enthusiasm of customers for the growth of your brand or product. Integrated communication tools (Chatter, email, calendar).

Sales cloud

Support of sales activities for B2B and B2C companies. Comprehensive and clear customer management. Automation of sales and approval processes. Easily track opportunities with data located in one place. Overview of sales productivity using reporting tools. Integrated communication tools (Chatter, email, calendar).

Marketing cloud

Delivers the right message, at the right time, through the best channel, to the right person. It offers the connection of interactions of your customers from various communication channels and devices. Segmentation and targeting of marketing campaigns based on customer data and behavior. Real-time data integration. Visualize customer behavior across all channels. Evaluation of marketing campaigns to optimize corporate strategy. Integrated communication tools (Chatter, email, calendar).

Key Benefits of the Sales Platform

A strong worldwide community

What Salesforce relies on is a strong community network that shares tips, tricks, and solution proposals across areas.

Trailhead learning platform

Salesforce also emphasizes education, and for that purpose, the Trailhead platform is used, where you can find courses that reflect both technical and business knowledge.

Extensibility with third party applications

Salesforce was one of the first to come up with an online store where anyone can find third-party applications that extend or complement the functionality of the solution.

Programmable platform

Salesforce is not just about standard functionalities, but also the ability to extend your solution with processes, functionalities and front-end components according to your unique needs.

Native integration to Outlook, Gmail and more

Native connection with email providers is a native part, including two-ways synchronization of emails and contacts.

Quick and easy changes

Changes to views, processes or attributes are quick and easy, thanks to a unique configuration environment.

Responsive web application

Maximum user experience in any activity thanks to a modern web application ready to use on mobile devices.

Security and access

The safety of the entire system is guaranteed by reflecting current safety and technological trends. And of course, intuitive managing the authority to the data itself.

Mobile application

There is no need to develop anything. In a short time, you are able to work with Salesforce directly from your mobile, with an easy-to-configure native mobile application on all current mobile platforms.

Reports and dashboards

Salesforce lets you create sets of interactive reports and dashboards that can cover most of your business tracking needs.

Process automation

In our experience, most processes can be automated, and as a part of solution on the Salesforce platform, this is possible with many standard functionalities.

Case studies

read more about our work in case studies examples
Zonky is a Czech peer-to-peer service that provides online loans between people. The company, which had its CRM system based on the Salesforce platform, was looking for a partner to help manage development by combining its own experience with other Salesforce tools.

Read Case Study
Kiwi is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world and its mission is to revolutionize tourism. Thanks to the unique Virtual Interlining technology, is able to get travelers from any point A to any point B in the world at the best possible price.

Read Case Study

T-Systems looked to the future to upgrade from its long-running Siebel CRM to the new Salesforce platform. Understanding and implementing the possible complications of moving to a more advanced platform was a major challenge.

Read Case Study

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