Discover a new innovative way to take your business to a whole new level. Automate your sales processes with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

For several years in a row, Sales Cloud has been the #1 Sales Solution globally across many user satisfaction surveys in the field of sales process automation.

Current Sales Cloud customers report an average 38% increase in the productivity of their sales team after implementing the system.

Customers who have implemented Sales Cloud report a 29% jump in sales on average

The main benefits of Sales Cloud

Comprehensive and clear customer management
Easily track opportunities with data in one place
Lead Management
Access your data from anywhere with Salesforce Mobile
Intuitive automation of sales and approval processes
Enough space for storing and sharing files


What is at risk if I don't implement Sales Cloud?

Poor traceability of relevant data

The lack of clarity and fragmentation of stored information slows down processes and does not allow for an overall assessment of the situation.

Risk of losing critical information

If customer data is in different places, or only in your employee's head, important information does not reach the right people and it can easily be missed in important decisions or even lost.

Inability to respond to market demands

What happens if the demand or your team grows significantly? The scalability of information systems driving the efficiency of internal processes is an important factor that can greatly support or hinder this growth.

Most frequently asked questions

What is Sales Cloud?
For which companies is Sales Cloud suitable?
How is my data secured in Sales Cloud?
How much does Sales Cloud cost? (from the price of licenses and from the price of implementations)
What does the implementation of Sales Cloud involve?

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