Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) gives your Salesforce CRM users actionable insights and AI-enabled analytics that dramatically increase their productivity and ability to make the right decisions.

Customers report a 19% increase in productivity after switching to Tableau CRM

75% of current Tableau CRM customers have seen an increase in productivity, both for teams and individuals, after implementation.

Customers who decided to implement Tableau CRM saved their IT, sales department or operations staff an average of 11 hours per month.

Top benefits of Tableau CRM

Easy to use for everyone
The ability to process huge amounts of data
Business analytics tools
Service analysis tools
Artificial Intelligence and Einstein Discovery
Fully integrated with Salesforce CRM

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What's at risk if I don't implement Tableau CRM?

Data fragmentation across the organization

Many companies have their data stored across the entire organization - from spreadsheets, PowerPoints, reports to separate databases, where the average user cannot easily get to. Tableau CRM helps you consolidate data into one place where it's accessible to users and ready for analysis.

Employee dissatisfaction

Employees of the departments who do not have access to their own data without having to contact the IT department or specialized analysts can be frustrated due to the inefficiency of the system and the lack of timely and accurate information for their successful management.

Making decisions based on outdated information

To provide the best possible service, you need to start with a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and problems. However, this cannot be achieved if this data is collected in the form of surveys once a year or focus groups  on a quarterly basis.

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