Digital Transformation Podcast

Enterprise Digital Transformation Podcast is an nterview-based podcast hosted by Jan Kartusek, Enterprise Sales Director at Enehano.

Jan interviews top enterprise executives who share with him their insights about digital transformation, CRM, omnichannel digital marketing, sales or service process automation, or customer experience programs that they've implemented at their enterprise companies.

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Ep. 001: Michael Custers - How he manages 50+ marketers as a CMO at SD Worx

Michael Custers is a Chief Marketing Officer at SD Worx, which is a leading European payroll service provider that helps its clients to harmonize the entire management of international employment. In this episode, we are going to discuss the competitive advantage of SD Worx services versus services that small local payroll companies provide, and how cloud technologies lead to faster adoption of payroll software among all types of companies.

Ep. 002: Mark Olding: CMO of Exor on marketing transformation in the Industrial Automation industry

Jan speaks with Mark Olding the CMO at an industrial automation company from Italy, Exor International. Listen as Mark talks about what's the difference between a CMO and a marketing manager, what are the unique marketing challenges in the industrial automation space, and what's his 5-year marketing plan for the company.

Ep. 003: Chris Williams - 6 pillars of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Chris Williams is a digital transformation consultant who typically works at a strategic level with Directors and the C-Suite helping to drive and shape Digital strategy, build innovation capabilities, and drive transformation. Today he's going to talk about why over 70% of digital transformation projects fail, and what are the 6 pillars of a successful digital transformation.

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