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Enterprise Digital Transformation Podcast is an interview-based podcast hosted by Enehano Senior Managers.

Jan Kartusek interviews top enterprise executives who share with him their insights about digital transformation, CRM, omnichannel digital marketing, sales or service process automation, or customer experience programs that they've implemented at their enterprise companies.

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Ep. 024: Julien Montier on managing Salesforce at a Swiss orthodontics start-up bestsmile

Julien Montier is a Salesforce Lead at a Swiss orthodontics start-up, Bestsmile. We discussed how Salesforce helped them analyze the global data that allowed them to design their process at an early stage.

Ep. 023: Christine Benally on implementing Salesforce at an international NGO Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)

Christine Benally Peranteau is a Fundraising and Strategic Planning Consultant. She was hired to implement Salesforce at an international NGO Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) and we discussed the specifics of issuing an RFP and implementing a CRM system in this unique environment.

Ep. 022: Philipp Matous on building the inside sales department with Salesforce at Studiengemeinschaft

Studiengemeinschaft is an International Trade and Development company from Germany. Philipp has been in charge of a 20-person inside sales team that's been utilizing Salesforce in a mostly inbound driven sales process.

Ep. 021: How Aarne Lehikoinen built internal Salesforce Center of Excellence at Posti Group to manage 800 Salesforce users

Aarne Lehikoinen is in charge of the Salesforce Center of Excellence at a logistics enterprise company Posti Group. You're gonna learn how he built 8 person team at Posti Group, and how quickly it took them to create this department for over 800 Salesforce users at Posti Group.

Ep. 020: Edoardo Archetti: How he's utilizing Salesforce and digital marketing at a property management scale up Habyt

Habyt develops and manages beautifully designed, community-driven and technologically empowered co-living spaces. In this episode, you'll hear from Eduardo who's a Chief Customer Officer at Habyt about their use of Salesforce and digital marketing in scaling the company worldwide.

Ep. 019: Can Öcal on how they use Salesforce at a manufacturing company Äager

Can Öcal is a marketing manager at Äager which is an innovative environmental process, emission & air pollution control equipment manufacturing and engineering company. In this episode, we talked about how they're using Salesforce as a manufacturer.

Ep. 018: Tal Yampolsky on creating AI-based traffic accident prediction at Kasko2Go

Tal Yampolsky is the CEO of kasko2go, which delivers AI-based risk assessments for car drivers and other vehicles on the road. We've discussed their churn rate, business model, sales process as well as CRM plans.

Ep. 017: Victor Sonnevelt on growing the world’s leading advisors for Private Wealth Solutions at 1291 Group

Ep. 017: Victor Sonnevelt on growing the world’s leading advisors for Private Wealth Solutions at 1291 Group

Ep. 016: Marco Izzo on running a global alliance of accounting, law and consulting firms at GGI

GGI is the leading global alliance of accounting, law and consulting firms, with over 870 offices in 126 countries. GGI is ranked #1 in the world as the Largest Multi-Disciplinary Association of Professionals.

Ep. 014: Sinan Geylani on running a Swiss insurtech startup Virtual i Technologies

Sinan Geylani is the CEO of Virtual i Technologies which is a Swiss insurtech company.

Ep. 013: Larissa Ameti on creating the perfect customer experience at Migros Bank

Larissa Ameti is the Head of Customer Experience at a major Swiss bank - Migros Bank. In this episode, we'll talk about her view on automation with regards to customer experience, a good way to organize digital marketing channels and why data democratization is key to a successful customer experience.

Ep. 012: Maximilian Renoth on building a car subscription marketplace FAAREN

Maximilian Renoth is a COO at Faaren which is a B2B SaaS car subscription. We talked about their growth, sales, operations and how he's operating Faaren into 2022.

Ep. 011: Christian Hegeler on his BD strategy at Europe's leading Open Banking platform finleap connect

Christian Hegeler is the Head of Sales and BD at Europe's leading Open Banking platform finleap. We talked about their go-to-market strategies and his strategy for sales and business development.

Ep. 010: Marco Hinz on running the private debt platform CrossLend

In this episode, I interviewed the COO of CrossLend Marco Hinz about they are transforming private debt into a more efficient, transparent, and profitable space for both loan originators and investors.

Ep. 009: Daniela Friedrich shares digital transformation strategies from a German insurance company OCC

Daniela Friedrich is the Head of Marketing at a German company that sells insurance to classic and historical car owners. Listen to learn how they transformed their marketing in this episode and how they went full digital.

Ep. 008: Tobias Gubo on scaling up digital receipts platform Anybill

Tobias Gubo is a co-founder of a German startup Anybill which is a digital receipts platform. In this podcast, we've talked about their scale up efforts and how they utilize Salesforce as a single source of truth for Anybill.

Ep. 007: Lars Arnold on building sales team at fintech Kontist from scratch

Lars Arnold is the Head of Sales at a German B2B/C fintech startup Kontist. They provide freelancers with banking services and in this episode, Lars will share with you how he structured his sales team, what their customer journey is, and why he believes that sales is all about focusing on the customer needs.

Ep. 006: Malin Marker Persson on digitizing Denmark's largest unemployment insurance fund for academics

Jan speaks with Malin Marker Persson who's a Chief Digital Officer at Akademikernes A-kasse which is Denmark's largest unemployment insurance fund for academics. Listen as Malin talks about successful examples of digital transformation that she implemented using LMS platform, AI chatbots, Speech analytics for contact centers and much more. She’s also going to talk about how she organizes digital communication with over 250K members, and what's her advice to someone who is just thinking about digital transformation.

Ep. 005: Vegar Wikhammer Heir - How Vipps became mobile payment leader in Norway with Salesforce

Vegar Wikhammer Heir is a Chief Commercial Officer at Vipps, which is a Norweigan mobile payment leader. We've discussed how they use Salesforce and more specifically their marketing cloud to automate the merchant acquisition, what is the structure of their sales team and how are they planning to expand outside of Norway.

Ep. 004: Petr Sramek - How does Moneta Money Bank utilize Salesforce in B2B?

Petr Sramek is a Salesforce efficiency manager (SFE) in the Commercial banking department at Moneta Money Bank which servers around 1 Million clients today. What are the best practices of using Salesforce Sales Cloud? Find out more about how Moneta Money Bank benefits from Security – Salesforce shield experience, Lightning transition and de-customization story, Tableau CRM or myTrailead they use for onboarding.

Ep. 003: Chris Williams - 6 pillars of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Chris Williams is a digital transformation consultant who typically works at a strategic level with Directors and the C-Suite helping to drive and shape Digital strategy, build innovation capabilities, and drive transformation. Today he's going to talk about why over 70% of digital transformation projects fail, and what are the 6 pillars of a successful digital transformation.

Ep. 002: Mark Olding: CMO of Exor on marketing transformation in the Industrial Automation industry

Jan speaks with Mark Olding the CMO at an industrial automation company from Italy, Exor International. Listen as Mark talks about what's the difference between a CMO and a marketing manager, what are the unique marketing challenges in the industrial automation space, and what's his 5-year marketing plan for the company.

Ep. 001: Michael Custers - How he manages 50+ marketers as a CMO at SD Worx

Michael Custers is a Chief Marketing Officer at SD Worx, which is a leading European payroll service provider that helps its clients to harmonize the entire management of international employment. In this episode, we are going to discuss the competitive advantage of SD Worx services versus services that small local payroll companies provide, and how cloud technologies lead to faster adoption of payroll software among all types of companies.

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