Enehano Webinars for Sweden and Baltics

April 28, 2020
May 22, 2020

Welcome to our webinar overview! 

Couple words about us

We help companies with marketing automation, managing the sales network, streamlining customer service, and the omni-channel customer experience. Enehano helps companies lead through the change via automation of back office processes.

We love automation and make complex things simple.

Our unique proprietary methodology and tools allow us to seamlessly integrate Salesforce into your marketing, sales and CX models in just 10 weeks, saving you both time and a whole lot of money. 📈☁

Together with our clients we grow and expand to the US and German market. Currently we decided to explore Swedish and Baltics markets as well.

"As a Salesforce Gold Partner, we believe that we will succeed in the very competitive Swedish and Baltics markets" said Jiří Mach, CEO of Enehano Solutions.

To introduce Enehano and cover topics that currently during COVID-19 are crucial for companies we have prepared webinars that will be held in ENG.

Webinar topics:

1. Contact Center Management

12. 05. 2020 (Tuesday) 10 AM

LinkedIn Event

Do you have a small or large Contact Center? Are your agents operating from home? Is your current solution ready for those requirements?

We will demonstrate the key Salesforce products for Customer Engagement in Contact centers as well as share our best case practices on how to set them up in smaller as well as larger companies.

Let dive together into key elements for operations and automatization of your Contact Center agenda.

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2. Replacing On-premise Marketing & Sales Automation Tool

26. 05. 2020 (Tuesday) 2 PM

LinkedIn Event

Are your sales and marketing tools not fitting the current needs for Omnichannel marketing and sales? Or do you need to reach better conversions and meaningful conversations with your Mail Marketing? Are you tired of all those Segmentation List calculations, ROI calculations, or the manual load of Contact lists?

Let us present Sales & Marketing solutions by Salesforce, which provide you with the Integrated solution and multichannel communication towards your target groups.

We will also showcase a quick demonstration of Salesforce Marketing Tools to demonstrate flexibility and readiness for your requirements.

Moreover, we will share the know-how that we gained during our Salesforce projects for enterprises such as Home Credit, KBC Group as well as for fastest scaling high-tech startup Flowmon, Productboard or Kiwi.com

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3. Digitalization of Back-office and Operations (Managing Your Company Remotely)

09. 06. 2020 (Tuesday) 10AM

LinkedIn Event

Do your employees operate too many systems to operate your business? Are you able to see all Client/Customer/Partner data in one place? Are you tired of all the manual back-office processes such as invoicing, project utilization, time-tracking, etc?

Let us present Salesforce tools to integrate, automate, streamline, and report your operations.

We also showcase a live demonstration, to provide you with the look-and-feel experience as remote work is a new black!

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We are looking forward to see you soon!

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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