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20% More MQLs
Streaming sales & marketing in one
50% Less Costs
for marketing assets preparation
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Flowmon Networks wanted to offer existing and potential clients a consistent and personalized experience across all communication channels by automating every aspect of the customer journey, from customized emails to contact with a sales rep who has a history of the customer’s interactions and transactions in CRM system. This included continuous enrichment of each customer profile via marketing automation as well as automating processes like lead management and scoring business opportunities.  

1. Integrate Pardot marketing automation into existing Salesforce CRM

2. Use lead nurturing campaign in Pardot Engagement Studio for lifecycle marketing communication

3. Enrich customer profiles with behavioral data from platforms like Google Ads

4. Integrate Pardot with Google Ads to evaluate the effectiveness of ad campaigns

5. Apply Pardot’s B2B Marketing Analytics for modeling marketing attributes

Business Outcome


Streamlining sales & marketing into one platform resulted in 20% more MQLs  

Shorten sales cycle by 30% thanks to automation and personalized communication

Decreasing costs of marketing assets preparation by 50%

Jan Zimovčák
Digital Marketing Specialist at Flowmon Networks

“We were worried about implementing such a complex, multi-faceted solution into our business practices. But Enehano’s speed, proficiency and professionalism put us totally at ease. We hit all our goals and were able to scale fast thanks to Enehano!”

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Case studies

successful case studies
CSOB Insurance

CSOB is part of CSOB Group & multinational company KBC with over 1 million clients. CSOB management haven’t been satisfied with the performance of their sales department so they decided to significantly improve their sales network & implement Salesforce Service Cloud with help of Enehano.

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Integration of Flowmon to Kemp

Kemp, a US-based company dealing with the efficiency and security of on-premise and cloud data centers, has acquired Czech company Flowmon based in Brno to expand its product line in 2021. Both companies used Salesforce CRM and it was decided that Flowmon’s instance will be canceled and all of the data and the process will be merged into Kemp’s. Overall, the goal of the integration was to preserve Kemp’s process mostly unchanged and to transform Flowmon’s business without any negative impact. The project started with analysis, as we needed to thoroughly understand the business process and Salesforce implementation on both sides.

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Replacing CMS with Salesforce Marketing Cloud at Equa bank

Equa Bank provides personal and corporate banking services to ca. 450,000 clients. These services include current and savings accounts, multi-currency debit cards, mortgages, fixed-term deposits, consumer credits, insurance and business loans. Currently, Equa Bank has more than 50 business points in the Czech Republic. In 2020, Equa Bank selected Enehano Solutions for a total replacement of its CMS for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. ‍

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