Case Study
In 2 Months
Sales Cloud Launched as MPV
Increased Conversion Rates
OUt of B2B Opportunities
5+ Integrations
with Sales cloud


we faced together is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world with a mission of revolutionizing the travel industry. Thanks to its unique technology of Virtual Interlining, is able to get travelers from any point A to any point B in the world for the best possible price.’s B2B partners are spread across the globe providing access to various services and technology. As the number of partners and the complexity of the product grew, needed to support different sales processes customized for specialized teams. They had to do so alongside partner-centric access to communication history. Speeding up the sales process, required a platform that would enable future automation and integration to other business processes.   

Our Approach

How did we tackle the challenge

1. Sales Cloud (CRM) launched in two months as the MinimumValuable Product.

2. Customized sales processes and optimized views of B2Bpartner data implemented to 6 teams with individual needs.  

3. Sales Cloud integrated to JIRA, G-mail, Mailchimp,DocuSign and SSO.

“We are excited to have a world-class partner to Salesforce to help us manage our growth while providing customized attention to each of our partners. Working with Enehano made our way to get there seamless: implementation delivered on budget even with changing scope, attention to each user group, and everything delivered on time!”

David Pavlik
CIO & Executive Board Member

Business Outcome

case in detials

While still in the Minimum Valuable Product phase, quick implementation and adoption of the Sales Cloud already brought better quality and visibility across the entire sales process.

The tailored approach to each team’s needs will ensure increased conversion rates from opportunities and it will speed up handling time of B2B partners' requests. is ready to proceed with the next phase, focusing mainly on the sale automation and integration of the follow-up processes, such as contract management and analytics. 

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