Enehano Solutions expanding to Sweden

April 27, 2020
May 22, 2020

The long-planned and thought-out expansion has become a reality. We were not afraid to go to a distant and competitive market such as the US one and so this is not the first time for Enehano. This event was preceded by months of planning, analysis and risk consideration. Anyone undergoing a decision-making process knows how many factors need to be considered.

After a detailed analysis, we selected Sweden. The Swedish market belongs to those where digital transformation has long been a common part of the economy and corporate strategy. After the experience in Germany and the USA, we are convinced that we are more than ready for this step.

"Enehano has been helping companies by automating marketing, managing the sales network, streamlining customer service and the omni-channel customer experience with the Salesforce platform. As a Salesforce Gold partner, we believe that we will succeed in the competitive and digital Swedish market, "said Jiří Mach, CEO of Enehano Solutions

We are preparing several webinars to introduce Enehano and share our unique know-how in Sweden.  

Topics focus on:  

You can find detailed information regarding webinars here: https://www.enehano.com/blog/enehano-webinars

Each webinar will be enriched with real experience and case studies, whether from the examples of our customers or from our internal projects. We want to introduce the opportunities that Salesforce provides for companies of all sizes.

But of course, it is also very important to have a local branch and be as close as possible to customers. That's why we decided to establish a branch in Malmö, which is the third largest city in Sweden.

At the turn of April and May 2020, senior traders with diverse backgrounds and experiences began working for us. They are Mats Linder, Rudi Dollmayer and Sakis Theodoridis.

"In addition to sales representation, the goal of our expansion in Sweden is to attract local experts in digital transformation, cloud solutions and business automation. And similarly to our projects in Germany or the USA, we would like to use the sharing of knowledge and approaches of various markets to solve current problems of our customers. The Swedish branch, on the other hand, can benefit from a team of Salesforce developers and architects with experience in integration, data transformation and data security in Salesforce at a number of large financial institutions, ” adds Jiří Mach, CEO of Enehano Solutions.

Feel free to reach to us!

We are looking forward to this experience.

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