Managing All Your Company Processes Remotely

July 16, 2020

16. 07. 2020 (Tuesday) 10AM

LinkedIn Event

Imagine you have THE UNIQUE PLATFORM FOR ALL your company agendas.

And when we mean all we mean the end-to-end sales process from marketing lead gen to contract management or service ticketing.

Your billing is automated, and you can see nearly real-time your:
- profitability,
- cash flow,
- employee utilization.

Human resources and incoming invoices are managed also and connected to the projects.You always know what is going on in your company thanks to Salesforce Customer 360.

Do your agents operate too many systems to provide your business? Are you able to see all Client/Customer/Partner data in one place? Are you tired of all the manual back-office processes such as invoicing, project utilization, time-tracking, etc?

Let us present Salesforce Tools to Integrate, Automate, or Report your Operations.

We also showcase a live demonstration, to provide you with the look-and-feel experience as remote work is a new black!


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