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we faced together is a Czech peer-to-peer service that provides online loans between people. The company, which had its CRM system based on the Salesforce platform, was looking for a partner that would help drive development by combining its own experience with additional Salesforce tools. Residing in Prague, the company needed to utilize its market potential, make their CRM system more efficient, and leverage their value to its fullest extent for customers, partners and employees. Improving and developing their current services and Sales Cloud products, utilizing further Marketing Cloud tools, and implementing Community Cloud were among the main routes taken to accelerate Zonky's rapid growth.

Our Approach

How did we tackle the challenge

1. Previously, Zonky used in-house solutions for direct sales. With the rapid scaling of the business, it quickly became insufficient. We used Community Cloud for better management and control of the partner site. By implementing this, we were able to make the work of back-office admins easier and more effective, all while centralizing everything for the company.

2. Zonky used different solutions for social networking (FB, LinkedIn etc.), and we helped them analyze and prepare solutions in Salesforce via Social Studio in the Marketing Cloud. Again, centralizing it all into one place now saves them time and effort.

3. Together, with Zonky, we were able to automate the aggregation of leads from Facebook and online ads to Salesforce via the Marketing Cloud. Thanks to that, Zonky can now handle their leads in a more effective way and can also have better control over the financial impact (ROI). Currently, this method is being used for both new and existing customers.

4. We provided Zonky analysis and expert consultancy regarding additional Salesforce tools and their functional requests.

5. We offered code coverage, code merging, continuous integration, expert implementation, and solution automation.

"Enehano’s team helped us create tailor-made solutions for using the Community Cloud and helped us connect them properly with the Service Cloud and, most crucially, the Marketing Cloud. Additionally, we were shown the power of both Advertising and Social Studio alongside efforts to create a perfect solution for nurturing online leads together. Now, I feel confident that we have the help we needed to see our business grow as planned."

Filip Paseka
CRM System Leader

Business Outcome

case in detials

Community, Marketing & Service Cloud tailor-made deployment instead of in-house ineffective solutions.

Salesforce Advertising and Social Studio utilising while saving time and effort.

Expert consultancy regarding additional Salesforce tools for business grow.

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