Case Study
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Sales Cloud Launched as MPV
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OUt of B2B Opportunities
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with Sales cloud


we faced together

As of 2018, Enehano’s specialists have participated in a project for a T-Mobile branch in cooperation with a German development team from Telekom Deutschland GmbH. We began with a technological Proof-of-Concept because the real-time solution had to take into account existing Campaign Management and current infrastructure.

Our team worked towards an integrated marketing database for planning, managing, monitoring, and evaluating marketing campaigns across multiple communication channels (so-called customer touch points). This helps nurture customer relationships by providing them with appropriate data, all while making it possible to respond to their needs in real time.


Our Approach

How did we tackle the challenge

In the context of development, we use the most up-to-date technologies and frameworks from renowned vendors such as Oracle and SAS.

The implementation itself and first pillar contains multiple integrations to various data sources and communication channels, where modern Java frameworks are primarily used.

The second pillar of the project is implementation and development using Oracle technologies, including, among others, the data quality module. This means that, during analysis, not only are the technical requirements defined but also processes that ensure data purity (in accordance with applicable regulations).

The third and final pillar is a solution for processing individual events and management campaigns built on SAS technology.

Business Outcome

case in detials

Ultimate Value Added

Our experts’ know-how and industry skill contributed the highest level of:

  1. Analysis
  2. Architecture proposal
  3. Solution development
  4. Testing
  5. Suggestions for improvement

Technologies utilized and executed:

1. SAS
2. Oracle

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