Case Study
4+ Clients
benefitting from complex deVelopment SOLUTIONS
Ongoing & Constant
SUPPORT bringing OVERALL Customer satisfaction
Mutually Beneficial
partnership Delivering complementary solutions


we faced together

The best companies in the world deserve only the best systems and partners. That’s why when SaaScend, a globally-known group of B2B growth professionals, wanted to upgrade their current business and marketing processes to be more efficient, they needed an expert in Salesforce implementation and the complexity of process automation for their clients. A current client of theirs, Productboard, happened to know a partner from their own ventures in process automation and connected them to Enehano Solutions. Possessing complementary skill sets, SaaScend and Enehano began to collaborate on approaching SaaScend’s tasks right away, and our team of trained developers got straight to work proposing technical solutions.

Our Approach

How did we tackle the challenge
  1. Implement complete integration of business processes into the Salesforce platform
  2. Estimate and propose solutions to customer situations (API integration, Apex development, etc.)
  3. Proceed with solutions selected by the customer and follow-through with standard collaboration

All of our work also comes ready with ongoing, constant client support for any occasion.

"SaaScend partners with Enehano when our clients need to bring in the A-listers! Their developers are top-notch, thorough, and understand the needs of our clients. Whenever our clients need specific Apex or 3rd party API integration work, we provide Enehano with the criteria and they make the magic happen. When they have clients in need of Marketing Automation, or anything Pardot related, they send them our way. It's a great mutual partnership that we intend to continue for the long haul!"

Rory O'Brien
COO, SaaScend

Business Outcome

case in detials

Clients now benefitting from tailored analysis and APEX development include:

Complex CRM solutions were conducted, starting from the beginning with business analysis and data modeling, and finishing with final implementation on both the developmental and administration POV.

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