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The financial and technological service Zonky is operated by Benxy s.r.o., which is backed by the most important Czech investment group PPF. Zonky has already provided loans worth more than CZK 18 billion to individuals and manages a portfolio for ten thousand investors. Zonky's success has been based on a fair approach from the start and the use of the latest technologies, which makes Zonky an attractive customer-oriented company with fast and simple loan processing.

The company, which had its CRM system based on the Salesforce platform, was looking for a partner that would perform intensive development of digitalization and automation of internal processes on the Salesforce platform. Zonky currently uses several Salesforce products, namely Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

  • Replacing the investor approval solution from the original core system to Sales Cloud -The existing process was too lengthy and the work of back-office approvers inefficient.
  • Introduction of lead management into Zonky's onboarding process - The originally designed data model along with some of the processes was not flexible enough due to the rapidly growing needs of the company.
  • Increasing the scalability of the solution - Due to the rapid growth of the company, existing systems have become inefficient. For further development, it was desirable that the system be able to respond quickly to sudden changes, increasing complexity of the data model or increasing demands on storage and overall system performance.
  • Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) - The original way of deploying changes into production was not sufficient for an agile handling of business requirements. Therefore, it was necessary to modify the CI/CD process and ensure the continuous introduction of current technologies and methodologies into the development process.
  • Collaboration with Salesforce partners within one project team -The project required coverage of a wide range of competencies. The customer therefore decided to create one joint solution team consisting of internal resources, Enehano consultants and another Salesforce partner.

How was the implementation process carried out?

The first year was mainly focused on the implementation of MVP Community (Experience), Marketing and Service Cloud, which were extensively customized to replace the existing inefficient solutions. We also provided Zonky analysis and expert advice on other Salesforce tools and their functional requirements.

Zonky previously used their own direct sales solution that no longer met the needs of a rapidly growing company. The customer was considering deploying Community Cloud to better manage and control the partner website. In the end, due to other project priorities, only POC was implemented.

Together with Zonky, we were able to automate the aggregation of leads from Facebook and online ads to Salesforce via Marketing Cloud. Zonky is actively using Email Studio and Mobile Studio. At the same time, they were considering Advertising and Social Studio, which are also part of the Marketing Cloud, for which Enehano developed detailed expertise. With these modules, Zonky is in full control of financial management (ROI), both for existing and potential new customers.

In the following year of implementation, we migrated the entire investor and rentier lifecycle process from the original core system to SF. On the technical level, this phase included real-time integration to the core systems, integration to the PBX (applicable to all departments) or document imaging, approval and archiving. The platform is now also used to view and check legal and other requirements for investor and rentier approvals. By combining the Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud tools, we have covered the complete requirements of the collections process (Collections).  

Introducing Lead Management into Zonky's business processes was one of the key challenges of this project. The originally designed data model along with some of the processes was not scalable enough, so we proposed to change the underlying data model and backbone process by introducing Lead Management. Using a completely "out-of-the-box" solution, we thus connected Lead Management to the existing onboarding process.

The revision and extension of Case Management included in particular the audit and refactoring of the used front and omnichannel solutions and optimization in terms of data model and automation. The result is centrally managed communication with the customer using automated responses, predefined templates, queuing based on status changes and priority or automatic case closure. We have thus replaced the client's original custom solution with native Salesforce tools such as Flow Builder in particular.

In the area of customer care, we have unified the handling of communication with customers across channels (e-mail, chat, text messages, PBX) using the Service Console. We further extended the customer care solution with Salesforce workforce management, which enabled shift scheduling across departments.

As part of the technical refactoring, we significantly increased the scalability of the original solution, particularly in terms of the data model, data storage and system performance.

We increased the efficiency of the Customer Care department and thus raised the measured customer NPS score (Net Promoter Score, or customer loyalty level). We replaced the original scoring system, which was uncoordinated and in several different tools, with one integrated solution within Salesforce Marketing. This way, the Customer Care department is serving the customer from one place.

The acquisition of Air Bank by Zonky has brought the company under greater scrutiny from market regulator – the Czech National Bank. Zonky had to start dealing with AML checks more efficiently and quickly. The goal was to have everything in one place and clearly in one system. Thanks to Enehano and Zonky's internal team, it was possible to connect records from DWH via Keboola to Salesforce. This way, users from Zonky's fraud department view AML checks clearly with other information in Salesforce in one place.

All of the above project phases were implemented over a period of 3 years by a joint project team consisting of Zonky's internal team (2 BE developers, a product owner, 2 Salesforce developers and a Junior Administrator), supported by Salesforce partners’ consultants. Enehano joined the project with 2 developers, a system architect, a Salesforce administrator and an analyst.  Once the project was complete, Enehano's developer and Salesforce administrator have been involved in maintenance and minor development.

Business Outcome


How does the client evaluate the implementation?

Based on market research and a comparison of top CRM platforms, the client opted for Salesforce. However, they needed an experienced and reliable partner to integrate Salesforce into their internal systems. Enehano was shortlisted. One of the key criteria was, among other things, that the partner fit into Zonky's corporate culture, which Enehano perfectly met. By working with the client mostly onsite, we were able to perceive the customer's needs much more effectively and were thus perceived as internal Zonky employees from the client's perspective.

Shortly after implementing the solution, the client could already see the results. Multichannel is not just a buzzword at Zonky, but an important part of the company. Thanks to Salesforce, the operators have all the information they need in one place, which allows for a faster turnaround of customer requests. They don't have to jump from one system (or even one screen) to another. Automated communication with customers from the Marketing Cloud based on the information available in the Service Cloud allows for individually tailored communication for each client.

All of this is reflected in the overall customer satisfaction with the services provided, including their trust, both towards the operators and the company as a whole. Talking about hard numbers, the client has seen an improvement in cross-sell rate and NPS, speeding up decision-making processes. However, the client also says that there have been improvements in virtually all the important objectives that will ensure the company's competitive position in the market in the long term.

Filip Paseka
Head of Business Process Management ve společnosti Air Bank a.s.

"Enehano’s team helped us create tailor-made solutions for using the Community Cloud and helped us connect them properly with the Service Cloud and, most crucially, the Marketing Cloud. Additionally, we were shown the power of both Advertising and Social Studio alongside efforts to create a perfect solution for nurturing online leads together. Now, I feel confident that we have the help we needed to see our business grow as planned."

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