Why you should choose Enehano for nearshoring?

December 28, 2018
May 22, 2020

1) We have experienced Salesforce developers, testers, administrators, and project managers.

We have already provided services solutions throughout four countries including the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, and the US. In our main office we have more than 30 experienced developers who love to learn and build upon their Salesforce skills every day. Currently every month we manage to gain at least 4 new certifications.

Which project types can we help lead? We are professionals in Sales, Marketing, Service Field clouds, Pardot and CPQ. But as previously mentioned we love to learn new things and we are flexible to adjust our project teams to it. We can help with Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, IoT & Artificial Intelligence, BI & Analytics, Consulting, and Team Leasing (of testers, developers, etc.).

2) Our wholistic Approach


We believe at the start of every project, it’s necessary to clarify the project’s goals and KPIs. We help our clients specify their expectations and the project’s scope and we recommend best practices.

Implementation and testing

Taking into account our clients’ needs as well as the scope of the project, we choose an appropriate way to manage the whole project. As a result of choosing the right approach, we can help our clients specify their needs and the project scope.

Development and training

We know that the real work starts after the project is deployed to production. We provide consultation and, immediately after deployment, we are ready for the ad hoc adjustments and changes that are an integral part of the first weeks after a new system is launched. Of course, user and technical training for employees is always given as we put the high priority to the end-user really uses the newly implemented solutions in his day-to-day workflow.

Optimization and development

In view of today’s dynamic environment, we recommend applying the 80/20 rule to your first release: 20% of the functions will handle 80% of your requirements. To make sure the first recommendation works properly, it’s necessary to carry out an evaluation and develop the key next steps

3) Our success from our clients walk the talk!

Our clients include CSOB, Equabank, O2, Productboard, and T-Mobile

“Thanks to Enehano Solutions, we have been able to quickly build a stable team and gain the trust of German colleagues who now count with us on other new projects.”

František Trachta: Business Intelligence Services Manager at T-Mobile

“The cooperation with Enehano Solutions was excellent! It was proved as well by the fact that Enehano got IBM award for partner of the year!”

Ondřej Ševeček, Equa Bank

4) The Tech Hub of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has great developers and IT Knowledge! This article explains the growing startup scene in Prague. With one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, entreprenuers are given incentive to start up businesses. This advantage along with highly skilled developers and central locations to other European markets makes Prague the perfect place to collaborate for growing businesses.

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Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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