Why Should Companies Publish their Solutions on AppExchange?

January 7, 2019
May 22, 2020

What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

The AppExchange is a public directory of pre-integrated apps, components, and other products built to extend the functionality of all Salesforce solutions.

Some of these apps are built by Salesforce developers, but most of them are created by third-party independent software vendors (ISVs) using Salesforce’s cloud computing technology called Lightning Platform. All apps are available to Salesforce users either for free or with a subscription.

So what are the major benefits of this Salesforce application?

1) 90% of Salesforce Customers today are taking advantage of AppExchange!

This large of a platform opens doors for collaboration between different users and discovering new solutions.

2) The app is ready to use immediately

It’s thousands of apps for every need can be used right away and configure to the customer’s needs. Your users will get access to it right away once you add the solution.

3) It’s always reliable and secure

These apps go through an intense security check before they are listed on the AppExchange marketplace. This means that customers only get the most trusted apps running on the cloud platform.

4) Testing and production are separate

You can run tests and train your employees to use the new functionality in a sandbox instance deployed separately from the production environment because each app only applies to one Salesforce feature.

5) No maintenance costs

These commercial apps are upgraded through their developers so users do not have to worry about about maintenance costs. You don’t have to worry down the line for costs of repairs.

since it’s launch in 2006AppExchange, more than 3,400 apps have been released and 5.6 million app installed on SalesforceAccording to

Why should you publish your solution to AppExchange?

1) Large Professional Market for your company

85 percent of Fortune 100 companies connect with their customers with at least one Salesforce AppExchange app. This platform has grown to become a major hub of potential connections to build your company and increase your exposure.

2) The Salesforce Partner Community will open new opportunities

This resource allows your company to ask questions, stay up to date on new features and tools for partners, and register for webinars and other upcoming events.

After joining the Partner Community you can receive a free Partner Business Org, which includes technology that will help you grow and evolve with Salesforce.

Inside this org, you will have access to:

3) Easy to use and navigate other apps

With personalized recommendations, search filtering, app ranking, and a demo mode, your company can easily navigate through AppExchange to find out how your app is doing and discover other apps.

4) Salesforce promo

Salesforce can provide some free press for your app with this new feature. Salesforce’s weekly AppExchange Digest emails can include an advertisement for your app, broadening your connections.

With all of it’s listed features above, AppExchange is a great way to turn your idea into a business!

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Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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