What’s so “Hot” about Pardot?

February 21, 2019
May 22, 2020

Let’s face it. At times, building relationships, earning trust, getting the right resources aligned can be tedious and stressful. Thankfully, Marketing Automation systems, such as Pardot, can enable you to tackle challenges, organize and prioritize goals, and provide leverage to become the marketer that sale teams love!

Pardot combines both sales and marketing worlds with features like custom template builders to strategic market segmentation. The core concepts of Pardot can reduce the amount on your plate so you can maintain a goal-oriented culture. Now, let’s take a look at how four of Pardot’s highlighted features can help leverage your company:

Email and Form Builders

Target your ideal market by creating the ideal content with the help of Paradot’s email and form builders

Pardot’s attractive ready-to-use email templates allow you to utilize effective and efficient emails while providing customizable features to tailor to individual targets. While the email builder sets the base, the form builder sorts and profiles the data collected from your website to reduce duplicate and extraneous information on your prospects. Together, Pardot’s builders strategically organize information so you can stimulate strong engagement and make a strong first impression with the perfect email.

Prospective Records

Highlight the important details of your visitors to view and edit information at the individual level

Who really are your prospects? Pardot provides answers by clearly organizing account information to bridge the gap between their lifecycle and stages of engagement. The Prospect Record stitches individual information together to provide information about your the company as a whole. With a centralized and transparent view of all the information needed, you can really get to know the individuals who engage with your website.

Effective Segmentation

Manage list membership and manually add tags to a prospect to indicate themes or better sort profiles

Pardot provides various choices to manage data and interpret themes to display trends to get the attention of your audience. After organizing your demographics, the segmentation narrows the search for the most relevant lists, hashtags, and other criteria to further promote your company. Lead Scoring and Prospect Grading prioritizes higher potential closing sales based on interactions and qualifications. Lead Scoring ranks a prospect’s level of interest based on their interactions with your website, all while Prospect Grading analyzes a businesses characteristics to determine the qualification of the sale.

Powerful Reporting

Deepen the impression of your efforts by letting Pardot provide detailed reports to recommend necessary adjustments to move towards bigger and better campaigns. The reports provide a clear depiction of key metrics, such as time allocation in the cycle, so you can adapt accordingly and reach your full potential.

Make it easy on yourself by using a user-friendly interface and platform to take charge and leverage your company to success!

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