The Day in the Life of an Enehano Intern

January 30, 2019
May 22, 2020

My story as the Digital Marketing/ Research Intern for Enehano, a rapidly expanding tech company in Czechia.

Why Enehano?

Working with Enehano Solutions as an intern means that you will become an important member of the company’s community, making a direct impact on this unique company. With the initiative and responsibility that I was given as an intern and the welcoming company culture that I became a part of, I believe Enehano is an excellent company for aspiring interns!

What was a Typical Day as an Intern?

The day of a Digital Marketing/ Research Intern is anything but boring! It means balancing many different tasks at once for the growth of the company across multiple areas.

My first task: I am creating content for the company’s social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the company blog. I am creating monthly content calendars, drafting social media posts for Senior Leadership input, and increasing online engagement. Over the course of 4 months I created 11 company blogs and consistently posted on our social media pages 2–3 times weekly.

My second task: I am preparing for US brand expansion by conducting secondary market research. I do this by identifying series A startups and CEO contacts, editing English emails for executives, and assessing marketing strategies in similar US companies.

Any challenges?

The biggest challenge that can come from an international internship experience is the language barrier. Being the only American in the office at the time at Enehano Solutions and learning the basics of the Czech language to communicate with employees every day was a challenge for me. Luckily everyone in the office was understanding with the limited knowledge of Czech language that I had over the course of 4 months and everyone was happy to communicate in English with me as well!

Expanding company?

To work with a company in this rapid stage of growth is an exciting time. Each week brings many new tasks and leads to connect with. It is never a slow day in the office with Enehano during this time!

Working at a globally expansive company opened many new tasks for me. My work creating a digital marketing plan as well as conducting market research contributed to Enehano’s expansion. The company’s preparation for their upcoming expansion to the San Francisco Bay Area meant that the I could contribute my language skills and knowledge of US business operations.

The office atmosphere?

One of the biggest reasons I recommend this company is the collaborative company environment. The work environment from day one has always been welcoming and inviting. The office is set up so that everyone’s desks are connected so it automatically creates a really interactive environment.

Working in an office where you interact with the CEO and top executives as well as highly qualified programmers on a daily basis is a unique atmosphere that not too many offices have been able to cultivate. The staff at Enehano acts as a team rather than a hierarchy which is an environment where all employees feel comfortable and excited to return to every day!

If you want to work in a collaborative environment and make a direct impact on an international company, Enehano Solutions may be the perfect company for you!

Check out this video to learn more about my experience!

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities at Enehano shoot Zuzana an email!

Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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