Salesforce makes big moves with 2019 acquisitions

April 16, 2020
May 22, 2020

Salesforce used 2019 to better position itself to expand its technological products by acquiring up-and-coming tech startups. By doing so, they are improving their cloud softwares in sales, marketing, data privacy and other industries. Their acquisitions include MapAnything, Bonobo AI, Tableau, Clicksoftware, and 

MapAnything… is a location-based intelligence software that Salesforce acquired for an undisclosed amount. Prior to the acquisition, MapAnything had raised $84 million and most recently raised $33 million in series B funding. Salesforce plans to use MapAnything to help sales teams at companies across the world more accurately plan, allocate resources, and locate potential customers. 

Bonobo AI… is an AI software that provides insights to customers through texts, support calls, and other online communication methods. Bonobo analyzes customer interaction and spots trends in communications during customer interactions. Salesforce acquired Bonobo for $45 million with the goal to improve their client interaction across all fronts, particularly audio, and implement it in Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Einstein project. 

Tableau… is an interactive data visualization software created for business intelligence projects. Salesforce purchased Tableau for $15.7 billion, all-stock , one of the largest analytics mergers and software acquisitions of all time. Tableau competed with Microsoft’s PowerBI, giving Salesforce an incentive to acquire. Salesforce plans to provide more advanced analytics on the massive amount of business data from customers and control the inherent value of large consumer data. By doing so, Salesforce hopes to create an environment that attracts data, rather produces data for other businesses. 

ClickSoftware… is a field service software company acquired to assist Salesforce Service Cloud. Salesforce acquired Clicksoftware for $1.35 billion with the plan of combining the software with its Field Service Lightning and expanding its products to every service employee to develop more connected, intelligent customer service. Clicksoftware automatically transitions employee interactions across the Salesforce platform.… is a reseller of Salesforce software to nonprofit organizations. It provides free or discounted access to Salesforce software for corporations that can’t afford it. Salesforce bought all shares of for $300 million as part of an attempt to have a larger impact in the non-profit and education sectors. Through this acquisition Salesforce projects to add $150-200 million in revenues. Salesforce will continue this philanthropic mission through strategic grants and employee volunteering, with the goal of bringing those industries into their current business model. 

Vlocity… is a cloud and mobile software company that provides communication services to media and entertainment, energy, utilities, insurance, health and government organizations. Salesforce has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Vlocity in the upcoming year for an undisclosed price. Vlocity was built natively on the Salesforce platform which allows it to be implemented seamlessly into their CRM products and allow customers to transform digitally with ease. 

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