Salesforce CRM vs. Zoho

June 13, 2019
May 22, 2020

Salesforce and Zoho CRM software platforms are comprehensive and powerful tools for business. Salesforce is generally more exhaustive and complex while Zoho is integrative and affordable. Both these CRM software platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to examine each one to determine which is right fit for your business.

When to Use Salesforce

Salesforce has been the leading CRM software in the industry from having the most exhaustive integration tools and live customer support. Salesforcehas the largest advantage when implemented in larger businesses with greater bandwidth and larger financial reach. It is ideal for businesses that need more control over sales tools and access to application integration for heightened capabilities. The Salesforce platform has proven time and time again to be one of the most premiere CRM softwares on the market.

When to Use Zoho

Zoho is a comprehensive CRM platform that is ideal for small, startup businesses with limited resources. Zoho is an affordable option for businesses looking for the classic CRM functions.

It allows these businesses to start small and build their platform as needed for additional capabilities.

Comparison at a Glance

Both Salesforce and Zoho have similar professional ratings, however the individual, underlying features are what differentiate the two.


Salesforce is clearly the more comprehensive CRM software with every premium feature included. Zoho has all the core CRM features while lacking some of the more in-depth and all-encompassing CRM functions, such as SMS Marketing, personalized web content and event management.

Zoho in Depth

As mentioned, Zoho is a low-cost CRM software that is ideal for small startups with little exhaustive revenue to be allocated towards CRM and automation. With basic, yet powerful applications and capabilities it is one of the best bang-for-your-buck softwares in its market. It allows the user to save time and money by not having the customer pay for features that are unnecessary. What gives Zoho a competitive advantage that are unique but not exclusive are…

Zoho has a rudimentary way of approaching customer service by providing online how-to videos on how to operate and optimize the Zoho platform. More in-depth customer support is available, but requires an upgrade in the CRM package. Zoho has a decent selection of business apps and pre-built integrations such as Outlook and Google for Work.

Salesforce in Depth

Salesforce is a relatively higher priced CRM software that is ideal for larger growing businesses that have started dealing with too many moving parts.

It is an all-in-one CRM software that can help businesses innovate everything from generating leads to following up on sales. Salesforce offers built-in dashboards that allow you to track lead volume, sales forecasts and other metrics without having to merge spreadsheets. It’s most unique aspects include:

Salesforce provides some of the best customer service to customers out of all the CRM systems by having live online support for most editions while having real-time responses.

Salesforce has over 2,900 apps built into the SalesforceAppExchange, which is by far the most of any other CRM system.

Bottom Line

Both Zoho and Salesforce are powerful, independently effective customer relationship management tools. When assessing both platforms, it is important to identify what is most important in a CRM system for your business. Both of these systems have benefits to different situations, so it is important to make sure that you have complete understanding of both products.

We recommend Salesforce as the best choice for businesses that have a lot of moving parts and the bandwidth to be able to support the software. Since this is a complex CRM system, having the right configuration and customization to fit your needs are critical. Salesforce has many options to chose from, so one of them will be perfect for you and your growing business, and we will help you out.

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Published by Keegan Rowan Marketing Analyst and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions

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