Salesforce Basecamp Prague 2018

October 22, 2018
May 22, 2020

Enehano Solutions at Salesforce Event in Prague.

On Tuesday, October 16th, Enehano Solutions attended “Salesforce Basecamp Prague: Day of Innovation and Inspiration!” Every two years this event is held at our main location in Prague, Czech Republic. This event was focused on the lifecycle of the customer using CRM on the Salesforce platform. It covered topics including digital marketing, business and personalized customer service.

Zuzana Maderová & Jiří Mach

Our CEO, Jiří Mach , and Expansion Director, Zuzana Maderová, gave a speech at the conference about the sales & marketing automation from Silicon Valley and how our US client productboardkeep up with new trends thanks to Moreover they explained why Enehano chose the US as the next market to branch out to. There will be more information about this topic in future posts!

Part of Enehano Team

At this conference, Enehano employees had the chance to meet with other companies and clients who implement Salesforce solutions. It was an opportunity to share stories and experiences, meet other people in the industry, and compare how Salesforce can help you achieve better results in your business. Through listening to the other speakers, talking to experts, and learning about new products dedicated to artificial intelligence, education, eCommerce, collaboration, and integration, Enehano was able to connect across new networks.

At Enehano, we’re excited to continue to meet new experts within the IT field and talk to our clients face to face about our implementation strategies and business call to action. If you’re curious to know more about Silicon Valley case study, you can email Zuzana Maderová at

Presentation hall for Basecamp 2018

Written by: Danielle Nelson

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