Salesforce and Enehano provide innovative solutions during COVID-19 outbreak

May 22, 2020

The last few months have shown the world that we are connected in unimaginable ways. The COVID-19 outbreak has stalled markets across the globe and changed the way our workforce functions. Salesforce has committed itself to supporting businesses of all sizes with employee communications and customer service. 

Employee and Customer Service

Salesforce has created and made available Salesforce Care for Employee and Customer Support which is an employee and customer service help center that streamlines communications to help keep customers and employees informed. It uses Einstein bots and digital engagement tools to handle the increased volume of calls and questions across all platforms: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. 

Salesforce Care

Salesforce is providing a COVID-19 Care Response Solution to allow access to Salesforce technologies to emergency response teams and health care systems. The technologies include encryption and monitoring softwares to ensure the privacy and security of data, self-service resource centers that distribute trusted information to the health community and learning platforms that provide updates for safety and testing protocols. All of these platforms are powered by Salesforce softwares such as Salesforce Shield, Customer 360 Platform, and myTrailhead. 

Health Cloud

Under the current conditions, Salesforce is providing free services to hospitals and other organizations that have seen an influx of COVID-19 related requests through their Health Cloud. The Salesforce Health Cloud is an IT software used to help doctor-patient relationships and record interactions for future use. Free access to the Health Cloud is available to emergency response teams, call centers and care management teams. 


Salesforce recently acquired Tableau, a visual data representation software company. Tableau has recently created a free data resource hub to help organizations track the impacts of the coronavirus in real time. The data comes from John Hopkins University, WHO and the CDC. This resource is being used by governments and organizations all across the world. As well, Salesforce is implementing Tableau into their Salesforce Care for Small Business to help make data-driven decisions about their unique business challenges. 

Quip Starter

Salesforce has made Quip available to all customers and non-profits through the summer to help businesses transition to a digital workspace. Quip is a collaboration tool that has built-in office functionalities like word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation softwares.


Salesforce has committed millions of dollars worth of resources to support the global response against the coronavirus. Specifically, they have donated $1 million to UCSF’s COVID Response Fund and $500 thousand to CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund. As well, they are offering free access to their Philanthropy Cloud for US companies to enable their employees to give back to their various communities. 

If you need help during this crisis utilizing Salesforce solutions and products, look no further than Enehano to ease the transition.

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