Enehano on Dreamforce – Day 3

October 1, 2018
May 22, 2020

The third day I went back to Ops-Stars, where there was a panel discussion of women working in CMO positions followed by a panel of successful Account Based Marketing SaaS companies. Among the panels networking took place and I came across a Slovakian who moved to the US 12 years ago. He is Vice President Demand Generation in JASK. He was very willing to help with my move to San Francisco. In fact, most of the people I have met so far that live here are very willing to help me settle and integrate into the US culture.

For lunch, I chose to invite the Salesforce department at PUBLICIS.SAPIENT to their office in San Francisco for a lecture summarizing a retail change survey recently prepared with Salesforce.

Salesforce tower view during the lunch

The afternoon was already full of meetings with potential B2B partners; mostly with business & marketing consulting companies.

I ended up networking (networking here is often called Happy Hour because there is always free alcohol). Networking took place on the Eco-Systems co-working rooftop with a beautiful view of the Salesforce tower.

Most of the sessions that I had planned over the day mainly concerned areas of development, lightning platform and newly prepared features. Some sessions were lecture style, but some were discussion based with people from all corners of the world and of all roles or expertise within the Salesforce platform.

In these discussions, it’s great to have the ability to verify or compare how our company works at home and how it looks everywhere in the world. There is always something you can do better. Sometimes you are forced to make a decision due to the circumstances of the project or the customer’s requirement, but sometimes it is only the fact that we do not know all possibilities of the Salesforce platform. Anyway, I came to the pleasant discovery that Enehano is moving in the right direction! We are proving to be effective in both in communicating with customers our requirements and showing them the benefits of Salesforce as well as how we design, develop and deploy the final solution.

Between passing from one building to another between sessions I had the chance to think a bit about life here in the US. Yes, life here carries a lot of benefits that we are not used to, but I realized one thing. We have a beautiful country and I am proud to come from the Czech Republic.

Finally, I have to mention here that not everyone in San Francisco has shared any enthusiasm from Dreamforce and Salesforce specifically. There was one more protest action in the form of a parade. Everyone has a right to opinion, and certainly their point of view is worth mentioning. And I have to say that they were playing well.


Written by:

Milan Bodlák, Head of Delivery

Zuzana Maderová, Expansion and Business Development Manager

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