Enehano on Dreamforce – Day 2

September 27, 2018
May 22, 2020

The 2nd day in San Francisco began with solving the problems we were having connecting to the Internet. Our mobile data was exhausted and WiFi at the hotel was running slow so my last chance was Dreamforce WiFi. Feeling relieved that I connected to the Wifi and ready for the first session of the day, I set out for one of the buildings where the whole conference took place. Immediately after entering I tried to connect to the WiFi, but it was successful. After half an hour asking five people for help, I was sent to the technical corner and I was told that Huawei brand is not supported here. I was advised to go to Apple Store and buy the iPhone; a truly hi-tech American solution to this situation. Based on this recommendation, I went to increase my mobile data.

After that issue was settled, I finally got to do what I came here for: attending lectures, networking and experiencing the whole Salesforce madness. I walked through the entire building and began to absorb the atmosphere. I have to admit that the layout of the stalls and places where the sessions take place is great. Everything is divided into areas of work such as Administration or Development and then there are individual stands for different categories such as Lighting, Salesforce DX, Security, etc. Among these booths, of course, there are places where Dreamforce’s main partners are located. I had already planned to attend some sessions on development, continuous integration, SFDX and Lighting platform. I either listened to speakers on individual sessions, or I walked around the stands and discussed with Salesforce clients about problem areas and solutions. Usually, at each stand someone working development of a given area is there and able to help in understanding or solving any issues. I ended the morning with lunch and sitting with other people who arrived at Dreamforce. And how was your morning, Zuzka?

Since I did not already have full Dreamforce tickets, I have registered for the Ops-Stars event of sales and marketing that takes place during the Dreamforce in San Francisco. I was out of reach and there were many practical transfers. The whole event, however, was driven primarily by the concept of Account-based Marketing which is the strategy that now dominates marketing and sales strategy.

For lunch, Salesforce hosted a lunch in Growing markets, so I finally met with Salesforce staff from Dublin, who we always communicate with online. I was also introduced to a few Salesforce partners from Poland, Turkey and Hungary.

The afternoon was full of meetings and transitions from one place to another.
I also watched the streaming key note from Mark at NewVoiceMedia office. In the evening after streaming I ended up networking with my new potential partner This partnership looks great – stay tuned!

Slowly approaching the main first day, “Celebration of Trailblazers,” with Mark Benioff and other prominent Salesforce leaders. We already knew what the main purpose of this event would be; to present a global collaboration between Salesforce and Enehano Solutions

Does it seem unrealistic? Today, yes, but in a few years, who knows?

In other amazing news, such as Einstein Voice, we are introducing Trailblazer from different industries, and showing how Salesforce helps them with their business and customer experience improvements.

After this two-hour ceremony, there was another session on the Trailhead platform. Then I went to see the Dreamforce Park, which is meant to help the homeless.

Milan Bodlák, Head of Delivery

Zuzana Maderová, Expansion and Business Development Manager

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