Omnichannel Integration is all the Buzz for Salesforce Customer Service

May 3, 2019
May 22, 2020

Real-time customer service is possible with omnichannel integrated into the Salesforce. Omnichannel is a cross-channel content solution that orchestrates proper channel function for high-speed communication from customer to an agent. Omnichannel unifies all channels in sales and marketing to simplify customer and commerce experience across company brands.

Multi-channel communications have less control over the customer and silo each process and touch points. Multi-channel keeps each touch point in separate areas while transferring the customer to different areas to make a purchase based on their interactions. While Multi-channel integration has proven to be effective for some businesses, it still has not quite optimized the communication between business and customer. There are some aspects that lack the power that Omni-channel communications utilize:

As it is an effective way to get the customer to interact and stay engaged with more than one channel it makes inefficiency in selling products. Having the customer start by looking for products online and marketing through social media changes their behavior. You have less control of where and when a customer completes a purchase by separation of the channel.

OmniChannel Provides More

Omnichannel engagement integrates all channels by putting the customer and purchase in the middle of the channel wheel. Having an omnichannel approach keeps the customer in the center of all marketing communication channel, with benefits such as…

The pairing of Salesforce Omnichannel customer service can optimize the marketing efforts that are being used to drive each purchase. Salesforce Omni-channel doesn’t stop at using mediums to reach and influence customers to complete purchases. Real-time customer support prioritizes touch points for customer interaction in live chat. Real time live chat customer service can assist and ensure proper interaction within every sale to make sure customers don’t have to wait to get help.

Salesforce live agents are on call and can help customers without having to wait online for a response. Salesforce can innovate and streamline processes by cutting out wasted time. Giving customers real-time feedback and useful solutions to optimizing the Salesforce platform will save companies time and money. The use of omnichannel strategies will integrate all channels of the sales process with Salesforce support with every customer. Business connections through proper communication will minimize errors and maximize dependability. Having a live agent to talk with directly will eliminate confusion that delayed email responses carry, optimizing the program and giving the customer clarity through the whole process.

Open CTI

Another omnichannel tool is Salesforce can integrate open CTI which allows the customer to talk with Salesforce agents directly through the software. CTI has easy customization of the softphone to allow streamlined communication and simple integration.CTI does not require any installations or adaptations to the customers’ machine. Eliminating unnecessary steps within the step-up and use of the software allows Salesforce users to spend less time learning about the system and more time utilizing the power of open CTI.

Salesforce is already the #1 CRM software in the market but there are so many more capabilities to have Salesforce work for you. Omnichannel marketing and process integration have proven that with proper integration delayed solutions are a problem of the past. Integrate the future, integrate omnichannel and open CTI within the Salesforce software to ensure success. Connecting to customers and keeping contact through multiple channels while having the ability to communicate effectively will boost profits. Don’t settle for the basic Salesforce set-up, ensure that every business decision optimizes Salesforce to its full potential.

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Published by Keegan Rowan Marketing Analyst at Enehano Solutions

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