New Expansion and Business Development Director

January 3, 2019
May 22, 2020

The new Expansion and Business Development Director of Enehano Solutions is Zuzana Maderova. This Czech implementer has great ambitions for the next year in Silicon Valley, where she plans to bring new innovative ideas back to the Czech market.

Lisbon’s Web Summit at Zuzana Maderova

With the development and expansion of its services, Enehano Solutions can provide many years of experience. Zuzana Maderová previously worked as Country Manager at Staffino and Relationship Manager in the fines of the Dateio launch. She will be in charge of Enehano’s business development in the US market.

America’s Innovation for the Czech Market

“Enehano is heading to the USA as a technology partner, bringing valuable technical expertise to implementations. In San Francisco, we will be monitoring how innovative US companies are thinking about business and how they use CRM.” — Zuzana Mader, the new Director for Trade Development.

From Prague to the USA!

“We offer American partners, as well as our clients in the Czech Republic, the current trend of implementation and customization of Salesforce. Today, companies do not want to employ programmers for specific systems, but they want tailor-made solutions. We have several successful implementations in the US, where we have successfully collaborated and gained valuable experience.”

Enehano Solutions wants to build unique conditions for its clients and employees throughout the US in 2019. Enehano Employees can work on projects for US partners to gain experience with procedures and technologies that are common in the Czech market with a two-year delay. We will also encourage participation in important tech conferences, specifically at Dreamforce, the largest Salesforce conference in the world.

The ever expanding team has over 30 employees today and the company continues to look for capable programmers and analysts. With our unique company culture, increasing salary ratings, and rewards for recommendations and foreign travels, we continue to attract new employees.

Enehano Solutions is trying to show Czech companies that CRM Salesforce is not just a solution for big companies but also helps small startups develop.

“It’s commonplace in the US market that CRM systems also use fast-moving startups with smaller teams. In the Czech Republic there is a strong rooted perception that CRM is only for big players. We want to change that. The cloud platform’s advantage is it’s high flexibility and ability to respond quickly to change. Salesforce is good for both banks and insurance companies. We are now doing a big implementation for ČSOB Pojišťovna as well as for smaller start-ups.” – Zuzana Maderová.

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Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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