Switching Salesforce from Classic to Lightning

April 12, 2019
May 22, 2020

The world is constantly evolving. Every company has to undergo changes to keep up with this change and satisfy the customer’s developing needs. Switching your Salesforce platform from Classic to Lightning is a step that can bring very effective change to your company. Here are some tips to undergo that change.

1) Determine that this is the correct switch for your company

Lightning Experience is a modern user interface that helps your sales reps sell faster and your service reps support customers more productively -Salesforce Trailhead

Some Features Lightning Experience can bring you:

These are just a few of the features that Lightning can bring you. Check out this articleby Salesforce Trailhead comparing Classic and Lightning! Once you decide that Lightning is the best switch for your company, you can start your next steps below.

2) Delegate one employee to oversee the project

Having an effective project manager or change management team will help keep this task in line. There should be an employee (or rather a team of employees) overseeing the whole project to make sure that all teams are staying on track. It is critical to have strong leadership in this huge project.

Because of the complicated nature of implementing Salesforce, hiring an outside consultant can be a great option for your company! Making sure that you have a great technical lead for your project is critical to your success.

3) Create a pre-implementation timeline

Creating a sticking to a timeline for the project will help your company stay organized and on track. There are many factors involved in this switch so sticking to a timeline will help your company target any issues along the way. This task is also something that an outside consultant can help your team organize.

4) Clean up your data

Data is a powerful tool for your company and Salesforceis all about using and organizing data to increase efficiency. When making this switch from classic to lightning it is the perfect time to go through your data and get rid of any “dirty” data.

What is “clean” data?

Having accurate data is crucial to your company’s success when dealing with your customers.

To review the health of your Salesforcedata, check out free apps on AppExchange such as the Data.com Assessment App. This tool reveals the overall health of your data, including its quality and completeness.

Here are some other apps on AppExchange to help with your data clean up:

5) Decide who can use Lightning Experience

Users require the Lightning Experience User permission to access Lightning Experience. Depending on the type of user they may have to request permission to access Lightning:

“Want to test Lightning Experience with a small group of custom profile users but you don’t want to turn it on for everyone assigned to these profiles? Create a permission set to each pilot user. Interested in rolling out Lightning Experience to everyone assigned to specific custom profiles? Or ready to enable all your custom profile users? Adding the Lightning Experience User permission to profiles is the fastest way to mass-enable the new user interface”- Salesforce Trailhead

6) Go Live

Once you are ready to switch over to Salesforce Lightning, the only next step is to make the change official and go live! It is pretty simple to launch this change:

  1. From Setup in SalesforceClassic, click Get Startedin the Transition Assistant tile at the top of the menu
  2. Select the Roll Out phase
  3. Click Launch Lightning Experience to expand the stage
  4. Click the button next to Turn on Lightning Experience

Follow these steps to switch from SalesforceClassic to Lightning Experience and enjoy a new user interface to more efficiently keep up with your company’s needs! Hiring an outside consultant to help you throughout this process can help your company stay on track throughout the switch!

Have more questions about Salesforce Lightning? Connect with Enehano and shoot Zuzana an email!

Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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