How Salesforce Solutions Leverages Fast-Scaling SaaS Companies

March 18, 2019
May 22, 2020

Since SaaS is a cloud-based system, its users don’t usually have to deal with expensive upgrades — and without the financial and timely costs like physical distribution, the cloud lets companies further increase their efficiency. Here are seven key implications of SaaS that can help companies accelerate their business functions.

1) Easier Collaboration

Salesforce offers so many SaaS solutions to strive for smoother sailing. For example, one of the most popular SaaS software, Salesforce Sales Cloud, can be accessed from any device with a web browser and an internet connection. The cloud system’s accessibility makes it easy for your teams to collaborate and follow information simultaneously so you can grow and nurture your team from a start-up to enterprise level. According to an interview with Alan Blank, Guidebook’s VP of Product Marketing and Business Development, his team has saved 15 minutes a day across over 30 reps, which totals to receiving over 8 hours of selling time a day! With a 24/7 connection to each other, communication just got easier!

2) Efficient Storage

The cloud application itself is stored on the provider’s servers, which allows for immediate and simple setup so you can implement the program right away! Additionally, the cloud centralizes your information online to avoid potential clogged storage on your devices. This means you have more room for other important data you may need. And since there is no additional equipment to purchase or development to invest in, it’s more affordable for all types of budgets!

3) Affordability

SaaS customers don’t need to invest in additional infrastructure, since there is no specialized hardware to buy, rent, or set up beyond the systems your company already uses. Customers can avoid labor costs too, since no on-site installation, updating, or troubleshooting is needed. With feature updates three times a year, the system is constantly up-to-date. The cloud is also a pay-per-use service so its easy scalability and customization for your business’s unique needs mean it’s easily adaptable and adjustable to your own budget. With a pick-and-choose type of service, different packages for your business size, and the latest versions available, you are in complete control of what services you choose to manage your finances accordingly.

4) Improved Customer Service

As the world’s technology improves, so do expectations. With easy accessibility, the cloud service platform equips all your agents with complete customer data at all times to get back to your customers faster and build your customer service ratings. Better customer service and reviews make a great impression for your prospects and strengths your relationship with your current customers.

5) Avoidance of Sales and Marketing Silos

Salesforce SaaS cloud systems enable you to nurture your prospects to close your sales. With a cloud-based marketing platform, access to updated information is readily available for your sales and marketing teams to create a stronger lead generation and management. The cloud systems can then sort your leads to sales through a sales funnel to later forward them to where they can best be served. By narrowing down to the specifics, your marketing team can then determine what the best strategies are to implement!

On the other hand, your sales team will have 24/7 access to information through the cloud to track inquiries from all your support channels and make smart business decisions. They’ll be able to track all your customer information and interactions to prioritize tasks and improve relationships with clients. With its comprehensive reports, there’s a stronger push for routes, scores, and follow-ups with your leads.

6) Easy to Learn

Salesforce offers multiple free training classes through Trailhead to enhance your Salesforce skills. Through multi-step lessons, you can learn topics like how to Use Marketing Cloud Connect to Integrate with Salesforce CRM. You can choose to complete Badge programs at your own pace or Trail courses that guide you along the way. The lessons are flexible so that everyone has access and the ability to learn Salesforce!

7) Grows with you

Because SaaS offers multi-cloud systems and is consistently updating, its innovations of new solutions and features consistently provide start-ups with a platform to grow. Salesforce has fostered companies like Apttus from a startup stage to later become a key contributor as a Salesforce Platinum Partner. The systems ability to scale as you go equips your team with tools to become more efficient and effective at all of your business stages.

Salesforce Solutions provide 24/7 accessibility through the cloud application so you can start the ball rolling with customizable software that meets your needs to help you scale and grow more quickly at a fraction of the upfront cost!

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Published by Haley Yu; Marketing Research Analyst and Social Media Manager at Enehano Solutions.

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