How Salesforce Digital Twin App Helps Insurance Industry

October 27, 2022
October 27, 2022
Deniz Okumusoglu

One of the technological advancements that is revolutionizing insurance procedures is the use of digital twins. They offer enhancements to fundamental insurance procedures like underwriting, processing claims, and fraud detection. The insurance industry, which has been around for centuries, can alter as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins because they can stop damages before they happen.

Digital twins are computerized representations of real-world objects such as people, houses, and automobiles. They assist businesses in developing simulations or exercises that aid in the generation of "virtual data."  The most significant advantage of digital twins is that they operate in real-time, taking cues from constantly updated data. This has enormous implications for the insurance industry, which relies heavily on data insights to make critical business decisions. Digital twins use connected technologies (IoT, sensors, real-time data monitoring systems, etc.) to assist insurers in defining new policies or packages, mitigating risks, lowering administration costs, and improving core insurance operations such as underwriting, claims processing, new policy creation, fraud detection, customer asset evaluation, and so on. They also enable insurers to avoid unplanned downtime and discover new growth opportunities. 

When it comes to underwriting, based on their insured customer profiles, digital twins can create real-life scenarios for insurance providers such as construction, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and so on. These scenarios are then performed using a variety of factors in order to forecast the outcome and improve the underwriting. Assume that a large number of homeowners on Florida's coast are purchasing property insurance for their homes, and a devastating storm is predicted to hit in the coming weeks. The insurance carrier can utilize digital twins to anticipate the impact of a storm on the houses in that area by feeding in weather data, geography, demographics, and so on. This will assist them in pricing the risk and underwriting these consumers with the appropriate premium. Commercial line insurers can use digital twins to more effectively process workers' compensation claims, decrease premium audits, and tailor premiums to the changing workforce.

In terms of claims processing and fraud detection, digital twins aid in expediting claims processing by reproducing the scenarios or circumstances underlying the appeals, such as damage conditions, vehicle accidents, fire outbreaks etc.. Claim adjusters can use digital twins to mimic incidents and analyze how they would affect the claimant's property or other valued belongings. This eliminates the need for expert assessment and helps precisely determine the insurance company's liability. Executives can compare the virtual and actual records of an accident or a home fire to avoid unnecessary delays in claims processing. As a result, digital twins in claims processing enable insurers to reply to their consumers more swiftly. Plus, by comparing the applicant's data to the simulated version of the incident, claim adjusters can determine the claim's correctness. The inconsistencies in claims can be identified immediately, reducing the carrier's responsibility and saving money.

To enable smarter underwriting and risk management, insurance carriers must embrace new technologies such as digital twins, AI, and IoT. Digital twins are more than just a process improvement solution; they are a valuable instrument that can assist insurers in dealing with large-scale occurrences such as natural disasters, pandemics, and so on. Insurance providers are ideally positioned to shape the insurance sector and prepare for the next generation of assurance with such technologies at their disposal. With Salesforce Waylay App, digital twins enable service organizations to resolve IoT asset issues more quickly, improve asset performance visibility, and transition from reactive to proactive service delivery.

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