Four Reasons Why You Should Use Salesforce CPQ

September 5, 2022
August 28, 2022
Deniz Okumusoglu

CPQ is one of the solutions included in Sales Cloud to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. It is a product that is known for its simplicity of use and the ability to be constructed using native Salesforce objects, which ensures that the data is standard throughout the whole customer life cycle. CPQ applications frequently link with CRM systems, ERP systems, and other company technology, ensuring accurate data integration. Additionally, it is accessible from any device, anywhere, because it is a component of cloud technology.

1. Improve Accuracy on Quotations

It is crucial for the client to feel special while obtaining a quote. It will be up to your business to ensure that it has obtained all the data required to tailor the quote as closely as possible to the client's specific requirements. With CPQ, you can quickly provide them with a quote that is accurate and devoid of human mistake and foresee every possible circumstance in pricing.

Bonus: Salesforce CPQ offers great templates that let you connect your sales process with multiple applications to increase sales profitability and support you in making wiser business decisions.

2. Maximize Your Sales Representatives’ Productivity 

The time it takes sales representatives to create contracts is cut down thanks  to the automation of the quotation process offered by CPQ. This enables them to concentrate more on luring new clients. Additionally, guided sales will highlight all of the goods and services that are best suited to each consumer, favoring cross-selling opportunities.

3.Automating the Procedure

Salespeople can utilize CPQ to build detailed offers by using premium templates. As a result, this improves in creating documents in the proper format. You will also be able to establish an optional pricing and see their prices. Once the products and prices have been established, you may quickly create a PDF that has all the quote information.

4.Boost Your Profitability

Through this integration, the entire sales cycle, from the attraction phase to the closing stage, can be standardized and optimized. All work teams benefit from a far more organized perspective of clients, goods, opportunities, contracts, etc. thanks to data standardization. Reduced errors, increased efficiency, and more revenue have all been demonstrated through greater organization. One of the best tools for figuring out profitability is Salesforce CPQ. The optimum qualities for examining sales structures and other things are provided as a conclusion. All of this enables the salesperson to make more effective and profitable estimations.

Bonus: With the Salesforce Billing add-on, Salesforce CPQ gives your business complete control over the quote-to-payment process. The sales representative posts a completed quote to Salesforce CPQ. Using Salesforce Billing, you can then take a record of this order, create an invoice, generate payment, and finish the revenue recognition process.

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