First time at Dreamforce

September 25, 2018
May 22, 2020

Dreamforce 2018!

After a 25-hour journey from Prague to San Francisco, our trip with Milan to the United States was complete! When we arrived, it was lunch time in San Francisco, while in Prague our colleagues were going to sleep.

While we were experiencing a sleep deprivation with Milan, this exciting event that brought 200,000 people together renewed our energy and we headed out for registration.

After signing up, we reviewed the locations where Dreamforce is. Since it is such a complex event, there are about 8 main places where various events can take place including lectures, partner presentations, relaxing/ networking lounge, etc. Everything is clearly directed and there are many volunteers who can help you.

In the evening, we went to the first networking event where Craig from SaaScend, our first B2B partner in the United States, invited us. The event took place on one of the greatest rooftops in San Francisco. The view was breathtaking despite the fog, and we were able to meet and discuss with great people who look forward to working with Enehano. We eventually left as Craig pointed out that although it was 10 PM in San Francisco, in the Czech Republic it was already 7 AM.

End of the first day report.

Milan Bodlák, Head of Delivery

Zuzana Maderová, Expansion and Business Development Manager

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