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November 15, 2018
May 22, 2020

Enehano Solutions for both B2B and SaaS Companies

In our expansion to the United States, Enehano Solutions will be expanding our services to two major types of business. With our main office in San Francisco, we will create both: B2B partnerships with US Salesforce consulting partners & growth consulting companies and search for direct clients, particularly SaaS companies. Our company’s goal is to scale via digital transformation with efficient operations while remaining personal, therefore increasing the organization’s efficiency and organization.

We blend business and IT with a special focus on marketing, CRM, and digital technologies. Thanks to these combined areas of expertise, we are not only able to understand our customers’ needs but also to anticipate them.

At Enehano, we want to work with the best solutions in the market, therefore we implement Salesforce.

B2B partnerships we strive to build

In the US market there is a strong pull for IT knowledge, and Enehano will provide companies the experienced IT professionals they need. It is known that Czech Republic has skilled developers and Enehano’s consultants have already proved their capabilities in projects in banking, telecom, insurance industries, and SaaS companies. In addition to project delivery, our consultants are experts in business strategy consulting, contact policy, and ROI calculations.

What added value will we offer to them?

To US Salesforce consulting partners who find difficulties to recruit IT and are open for near shoring model we will provide qualified developers/testers/admins. This model will save costs significantly for them!

To Grow consulting companies we will also provide our IT power but for these clients, the case is a little bit different. These companies usually work with fast growing companies and consult their operations, including marketing & sales, so they often work with Salesforce clouds. After the audit of their clients’ processes they usually find out that they need customization within their Salesforce clouds. As these consulting companies do not want to hire developers, we can offer them our services and skills.

Our qualified and flexible teams will help develop, implement, and test solutions to our B2B partners so they deliver the best results to their clients.

Watch for the #B2BSolutions for more information!

How we can help SaaS Companies

Enehano will also be working with direct clients, mainly SaaS companies. We will help them implement a variety of Salesforce products including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Pardot B2B Marketing Automation, and Service Cloud. Our experienced Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Testers, and Project Managers will show how Salesforce can save your company time and money by integrating multiple systems into one.

By using the #1 CRM in the world, Salesforce, SaaS companies can stand out amongst their competitors.

Watch for the #SaaSSolutions for more information!

If you see that we might help YOU, please contact Zuzana.

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Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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