Enehano on Dreamforce – Day 5

October 5, 2018
May 22, 2020

Friday was followed by a morning show with a friend who had been living in San Francisco for some time. We got to Women in Tech ranajky. There were 4 women in the top management of technology companies.

Then I ran out of the stands at the Expo and in the afternoon we met Milan with our partner Craig and Ron from SaaScend and we took over where we wanted to direct our cooperation. We are already enjoying !!!

After meeting Craig, I missed seeing the Slovakian scale-up Slido in WeWork cowoking, where we will have a office in San Francisco.

In the evening, we went to see other parts of the city as well as the Market Street neighborhood, and we chose the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown dinner.

Friday, the last day of Dreamforce, which ended in the second afternoon blow, was already in a relaxed spirit. I’ve been able to take part in a couple of sessions, have lunch and have the last session on the issue of effective development thanks to the VS code IDE.

JIt was my first participation in Dreamforce, and at the same time I had to admit to the first US visit that it was a matter of control over how many people and how much action was involved. If you had to ask anything, there were a lot of people who might have taken you in the right direction or sent you to someone more responsible.

As I mentioned above, for me there was a lot of the first time I did in a short time. Therefore, on the one hand, I am glad to have survived the whole event and it is over. I have learned new knowledge here and met a lot of great people, but I am looking forward to home.


As Zuzka mentions, then a pleasant encounter followed with our partner, and then we headed for Golden Gate. You, you have not been here yet, are a truly amazing sight.

Now just be in good health come back.
San Francisco, so again.

Written by:

Milan Bodlak, Head of Delivery

Zuzana Maderova, Expansion and Business Development Manager

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