Enehano becomes Interaction Studio implementation partner

March 29, 2021
March 29, 2021
Jiří Mach, CEO

In early 2021, Enehano Solutions was officially approved as a Salesforce Interaction Studio implementation partner. We have three specialists in our team who can maximize Interaction Studio benefits and know how to personalize your marketing offer in real time across multiple channels.

From the business perspective, this is an area where Enehano team members have vast experience.

"From the perspective of technology, it was essential to get to know the tool itself and we managed to do that thanks to the Salesforce Enablement Program, where the Enehano team went through the entire implementation cycle – from the first client meeting through an analysis and architecture solution proposal up to intense implementation of the whole platform,"

says Jakub Lysáček, Salesforce Marketing Automation Lead at Enehano.

Source: Enehano becomes Interaction Studio implementation partner

Within implementation, we dealt with issues like Interaction Studio administration, web mapping and personalization, data integration, segmentation, predictive algorithms, reporting and many others.

Salesforce representatives oversaw the entire process and once it was successfully completed, we officially became part of a small group of partners who can implement Interaction Studio without the Salesforce team’s participation. This means that clients can directly get in touch with Enehano and we will be happy to help them.

You will find out more about specific Interaction Studio features and its implementation into existing environments in an interview with Salesforce Marketing Automation Lead Jakub Lysáček.

In case you are interested in DEMO of Interaction Studio, do not hesitate to contact us.

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