Enehano 2021 Review

April 12, 2022
April 12, 2022
Jiří Mach, CEO

Five years ago, I founded Enehano with the goal of building a Salesforce and digital transformation leader in the Central Europe from nothing.  It seemed very ambitious to me – as ambitious as achieving a turnover of 2M € with a team of at least 50 consultants. I had one more goal – to organize a company-wide team building in Hawaii 5 years after the company was founded, provided that we meet the three metrics mentioned above.  

We not only met the goals, we exceeded them. All we have to do to cross all four items off our list is to go to Hawaii.  We are currently waiting for more favorable travel conditions and hope to celebrate our fifth birthday with mojitos in hand on a Hawaiian beach this October.

Goals have been met – what’s next?  

Today there are more than eighty people in our team. In 2021, we crossed the 4M € turnover mark for the first time, and that is a huge credit to our sales team. We are transforming the operations of the largest companies in the Central Europe, with 30% of our turnover from foreign projects, deploying solutions globally and across multiple time zones.

Thanks to very accurate planning and forecasting, which allows us to make decisions based on real data, after five years we can say "we are a completely financially stable company".

2021 in numbers

We have very popular "5-year plans", so what is the vision for the next 5 years?

Our plans are summarized in the picture below:

As a reward for a successful decade, another trip to exotic lands could have been offered. However, with the belief that companies are agents of change and have great power to influence and inspire those around them, we decided otherwise. We are certainly not indifferent to the people and life around us. Thanks to our financial stability, we can afford the commitment that is part of the vision:

"Within five years, we want to become the number one Salesforce company in Central Europe, build a holding with several subsidiaries and surpass a turnover of 20M €. At the same time, we are changing the world for the better by simplifying and automating routine work. We share our know-how and wealth with those who were not so fortunate in life. We are committed to giving 1% of our turnover to CSR (corporate social responsibility) every year."

And since we don't desire any yachts or sports cars, we have decided to invest our money in the right way. Therefore, if we manage to achieve a turnover of more than 20M € within 5 years, we will make a one-off contribution of 2M € to charitable and meaningful activities as part of CSR. We hope that this step will inspire other IT companies as well.

Corporate responsibility at Enehano

New faces and ten-million-dollar projects    

In 2021, we have expanded our team from 57 to 85 people. The management team consisting of Jirka Mach (CEO), Michal Peška (CSO) and Milan Bodlák (CTO) was strengthened by CFO Katka Alenková.  An important turning point for the entire company is also the massive recruitment of senior staff. As a result, the organizational structure is changing and a lot of energy is being put into standardizing processes.

Enehano is not just a Salesforce implementation partner. With our experienced business consulting team, we also partner with our customers to transform selected departments or entire companies. We work with customers on a daily basis with very sensitive information and also have tremendous power to help their companies do business better. We are committed and appreciate the trust our customers place in us.

Our consultants’ activities are followed by the delivery of Salesforce projects. The largest department is delivery, thanks to which we deliver large-scale projects worth millions of euros. We invest considerable resources in high-level professionalization and standardization of delivery processes so that we can deliver projects worth millions of euros in the same quality.  

What we want to maintain in the future is a high degree of flexibility. As we don’t have HQ in the US in a different time zone and with a different mindset, we are able to find an agreement with the customer and to a large extent adapt to their specific local needs.

Close to our customers, wherever they might be

Staying as close as possible to our customers, be it in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, is an important goal for us. That's why when we decided to bring our know-how and help digitalize Slovakia, we established an office in Bratislava and are building a strong local team. After a quarter of a year of existence, 6 colleagues have joined our ranks and we are still expanding.

Last year, for the second time, we organized the largest digital transformation event in the Czech Republic. A record-breaking number of over 800 people attended the Digital Transformation Summit (DTS) online, inspired by real Salesforce stories from companies such as DPD, Equa bank and Zonky. This year, we want to take the opportunity to meet in person, so I would like to invite you to the Congress Centre in Prague, where the 3rd DTS will take place on 12 May.  Representatives of Erste Group, Bobcat, Salesforce, Carvago and ČSOB KBC Group are already preparing their presentations on transformation processes.

CSR is nothing new to us – we want to inspire others

Last year, we trained more than 50 women in digital transformation and the Salesforce platform for free as part of the Women in Tech project. We also teach in a similar way at universities, both in Prague and Brno. Enehano people have the opportunity to use professional therapy services for free, whether for work or personal purposes. We helped during the devastating tornado in Moravia and also supported several non-profit organizations throughout the year. This amounted to more than 30,000 € in 2021 alone.

Our main goal for this year is to implement CSR in our corporate processes, to support these activities in the long term and, above all, to inspire other companies.

Family company culture

Since Enehano’s beginnings, we have placed a lot of value on relationships and company culture. A small startup is becoming a mid-sized company which is an important partner for large enterprises.  But what we want to maintain even in times of growth is a friendly and open atmosphere. So far, the entire HR team, the People Hub, which I consider to be the heart of Enehano, is doing a great job. They stand behind the successful recruitment of talent and professionals, but they also focus on training, developing and nurturing the entire team in line with our values. These are built on four pillars – "I share, I care, I grow & I have fun".

Shared values of the whole Enehano team

We are truly living our values every day. This is no different in the wake of current events in Ukraine. Within one week, a huge wave of solidarity has risen and more than 16K € have been raised in the Enehano transparent account. The entire People Hub team is organizing a delivery of aid to Ukrainian families.

Thank you to all the Enehano people for the company culture they create. And a big thank you also to our customers and partners for their trust.

I wish you all good health for 2022.

Jiří Mach

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