Enehano 2020: From Sweden to Australia, despite the pandemic

February 24, 2021
February 24, 2021
Jiří Mach, CEO

It’s been a few weeks since 2020 ended. Now it’s a good time to share my evaluation of this wild and tumultuous year with you.

2020 was, above all, a difficult year. The covid-19 crisis has affected all of us and had a profound impact on our everyday lives. Despite my inherent optimism, unfortunately I believe that it will keep affecting us for a long time.

The consequences of the pandemic have influenced Enehano as well. First, projects with our customers operating in the gastronomic industry and tourism came to a halt, as they were the first ones to feel the impact of crisis. Within the first month, our finance and telco clients stopped their projects as well. Within a couple of weeks, we saw a significant drop in demand and suddenly, we had 10 extra Salesforce specialists which we didn’t need at that time.

I’m very happy that despite such unfavorable conditions, Enehano handled the crisis without any dismissals. In addition, thanks to our financial stability, we could even use our free capacities for education and sales support.

New beginnings and new challenges

People say that any crisis is also an opportunity. The pandemic was no exception.

What trends do we see in all business areas? There’s a huge demand for digital business transformation. Having the capacity to offer and sell services online, with an ability to work from anywhere, minimizing operational costs and adapting processes in a flexible manner. Businesses faced these new challenges in different ways. Although it was not easy, some companies handled the situation very well.

One example is ČSOB Insurance. A few months before the first covid-19 wave hit, we launched a Salesforce solution for ČSOB Insurance for distribution network management and coherent customer service. Thanks to the possibility to connect from anywhere and access up-to-date client information, ČSOB Insurance could work with clients remotely. Thanks to this solution, management received real-time data from the entire distribution network (800 sales reps) and an ability to respond to the new situation in a flexible way.

Placing their trust in us

Last year, Enehano was chosen as the digital transformation partner by various other clients:

• finance: Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, Equa bank

• startups: Impact HUB, Runecast, Pricefx

• production, transport: DPD

• healthcare: Getinge

I believe that new clients from logistics and healthcare sectors were particularly important, as thanks to them we managed to diversify and reduce our reliance on a single sector, which in turn increased our financial stability.

In less than 5 years of Enehano’s existence, dozens of companies have placed their trust in us.

Growth despite the covid-19 crisis

Despite a whole range of problems and issues brought by the previous year, we registered a year-on-year growth of 49% reaching 66.5 mil CZK in turnover. However, turnover is not the most important number. Our priority is education and last year, we invested more than 4 mil CZK in education and personal development. We significantly increased the number of certificates per consultant and the total number of certificates increased by 57%. Our team expanded as well. We launched new projects, for example our own activities or teaching at a university. In short, 2020 was unique, just see for yourself.

What numbers won’t tell you

Each number represents the work of the entire Enehano team. I’ve selected a few things I’m particularly proud of:

Salesforce Gold Partner – In March last year, we defended our Salesforce Gold partner title. This means that our clients can be sure that we have a large and certified team, positive customer reviews and a large number of successful projects. That’s the only way how a business can get this title. In addition, Salesforce awarded us with the TOP B2C Partner FY 2020 award.

• In terms of delivery, our team expanded again, that’s why we split it into smaller teams. Each team is responsible for a certain area – analysis, architecture, development or project management. Our aim is to do things efficiently and quickly, that’s why an inhouse knowledge database was created with tips, tricks and errors related to projects or components we’ve learned in individual projects. This gives us an opportunity to learn and grow.

We won our first client in Sweden from the TOP100 business list. A part of our core team together with their families were relocated abroad and we took over the development and support of global Salesforce org deployment in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

• Last year, we organized the biggest Salesforce conference in the Czech Republic – Digital Transformation Summit. The conference was originally supposed to take place at Corinthia Hotel, however, due to the pandemic, it was moved to the online world. Despite this fact, more than 400 people attended, choosing from two parallel agenda slots. More than 200 people watched the live streaming, with the main topic being digital transformation. You can watch DTS 2020 lectures here.

Cooperation with Masaryk University – my dream was to teach at a university and pass our knowledge on students, not just via Women in Tech, but also at a university level. I’m very proud that we could teach Cloud CRM at Masaryk University in Brno. We will keep cooperating with universities even more intensely in 2021.

We’ve strengthened our management team

We’re building an elite team of experts on Salesforce and digital transformation. As our team grows, we also enhance our management structure. It’s been a long time since this was a one-man show. I’m glad that we have a team of several successful salespeople who help us get more inquiries than we can serve, which means we can choose really interesting projects in which we invest our energy and know-how.

Our top management was joined by Milan Bodlák as the new CTO. Milan is Enehano’s former Head of Delivery, and he’s been with the company almost from the very start. Milan’s priority is education and development of the entire delivery team.

In early 2020, we were joined by Jaroslav Havrda, Enterprise Sales Director, focusing primarily on development and business at our largest enterprise clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Tomáš Holý became our new Delivery Director, with valuable experience from Bluewolf, T-Mobile and BSC. Tomáš has successfully delivered several transformative projects in the telco industry. At Enehano, Tomáš is responsible for deliveries of the largest FTFP projects in terms of their quality, deadline and budget and for building a PMO office.

Kristína Puškášová became Head of Marketing responsible for our marketing activities in the Czech Republic and within our international expansion. Apart from leading the marketing team, Kristína is a marketing automation consultant.

Our new Hiring Manager is Markéta Hauserová, who used to work at Aspectworks. Markéta’s main task is to look for new talents in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Jan Kartusek took up the position of International Enterprise Sales Director. In Enehano, he has been in charge of foreign expansion since November 2020. Jan is one of the greatest experts in international B2B sales in the field of IT.

Our business consulting team is composed of architects specializing in individual business domains: CRM, distribution network management, marketing automation, partner management and omnichannel contact centers. Last year, our team was joined by:

Jakub Lysáček is our new Salesforce Marketing Automation Lead and he’s responsible for omnichannel marketing. He has several years of experience from Adastra where he worked as a consultant. Jakub was one of the reasons why Enehano became one of the first Salesforce partners in Europe for Interaction Studio – real-time inbound marketing.

Martin Hronek has more than 15 years of experience with CRM and he joined Enehano as a Business Architect. Martin built and managed a sales and marketing team at Home Credit International and he has experience both sides – a consulting company and the customer’s side.

Conquering the north

In 2020, we carried out a detailed analysis of western European markets and finally we opted for two regions: Scandinavia and the Baltics. Despite the pandemic, we launched a branch in Malmo, Sweden last year in April and we will continue in our Scandinavian expansion in 2021.

In summer 2020, we won a very interesting foreign project which was challenging in many ways.

We won a tender for the takeover and development of the entire Salesforce platform used in 50 countries across the world. Getinge is one of the biggest producers of healthcare devices in the world and one of the biggest companies in Sweden.

Nevertheless, the global Salesforce competence center is in Germany.

One of the conditions was to transfer a part of the team to Germany so that it can work with the customer on-site. So we needed to tackle relocation of our colleagues and their families somewhere outside Stuttgart.

Instead of the original 3-month timeline to take over Salesforce from the previous supplier, we took over the entire enterprise implementation in 4 weeks. And what did our first global release look like?

→ At midnight, settings updates are sent from Australia.

→ We wake up at 5am to catch the end of the Australian working time and launch a downtime.

→ At 8am, European working hours start. We’re stabilizing Europe.

→ At around 2pm, we start stabilizing the US.

→ At around 8pm, early birds in Australia start testing.

During a single release, we helped the IT team restore the business client’s trust in CRM and in the IT department. Now our team will participate in a Salesforce roll-out in China and Canada.

Hawaii within view

When I established Enehano, my goal was to build a no. 1 Salesforce expert on the Czech market, hire more than 50 consultants and achieve a turnover of more than 50 mil CZK.

I had one more dream – to organize a teambuilding in Hawaii 5 years from the launch of the company if we manage to achieve all the other goals. Currently, it seems we are on the right track:

• More than 50 consultants (check)

• Turnover exceeding 50 mil CZK (check)

• No. 1 on the Czech market (I hope we will soon confirm our #1 status)

And then we "just" need to wait for travel to come back to normal. Today our Hawaiian team building is scheduled for 2022 given the current situation, because a trip for more than 60 people should be ideally booked 7 to 9 months in advance. If you are considering a career change, you should know that this perk covers Enehano newbies as well.

Mission 2025

We definitely want to be a flexible partner for our customers and help them in their digital transformation.

In addition, our aim is to be a great employer and engage our people in attractive projects, offer them a possibility to work in the Czech Republic and abroad to gain interesting experience.

However, we are gradually moving towards a new ambition – we would like to build a global Salesforce partner for digital transformation. And we specialize mainly in large enterprise projects.

What does this mean in numbers? We’ve set ourselves a new objective for the next 5 years:

I would like to thank all our employees, clients and Salesforce for their trust. I very much appreciate it, we couldn’t do it without you and I’m looking forward to a new 2025 challenge.

However, numbers are not the most important thing. Health is more important. So, without any cliches, I would like to wish you a lot of health in 2021.

Jiří Mach, CEO

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