Einstein in Salesforce

March 11, 2020
May 22, 2020

Do you want to learn what Einstein is, how it operates, and how it can help your business succeed.

What is Einstein?

Einstein is an (AI), also known as an artificial intelligence technology that has been introduced by Salesforce to help companies grow and gain a stronger Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Einstein allows each business to operate differently (since not all companies are the same) by having the option to customize the platform based on their needs and wants. Einstein has the following assistant tools including voice input and output, language and intelligent interpretation, and other assistant elements that help your business connect with its customers. This platform also has a new voice feature that allows each customer to engage with the technology itself and in turn, Einstein interacts back with the correct answers to each problem within seconds. In addition, Einstein allows Salesforce users to:

  • Discover customer insights that strengthen the relationship and build customer value.
  • Predict the needs and wants for each customer so that they can achieve better results.
  • Recommend what each customer should do and how they should do it to make a strong impact on the customers.
  • Automate the process for users allowing for more effective and accurate leads.


  • +105% Increase in Case Resolution Within 24 hours
  • 4x Lead Conversion Increase with Top Tier Leads
  • 9.6% Increase in Conversion Rates
  • 10x More Data Entered with Nearly No Effort
  • 20% Increase in Sales Rep Productivity
Click here and learn more about customer success stories and case studies using Salesforce Einstein!


Salesforce Einstein is a very helpful platform for both companies and customers as it provides a win/win solution for both parties. The businesses gain customer insights and form better relationships with their customers. On the other hand, the customers gain a more effective approach in less the time.

The Enehano team strives for excellence — Contact Enehano and see how Einstein can help your company maximize their results.

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