Dreamforce Learnings 2019

March 11, 2020
May 22, 2020

Do you want to learn more about this year's Dreamforce conference? During the conference, the audience learned new insights on topics from speakers all over the world. To name a few, these topics included: CRM, Artificial Intelligence, and Marketing & Sales Automation, equality & Diversity in the workforce, etc.

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Day 1

At the start of the event, Dreamforce acknowledged Trailblazers and how they can make a huge impact on a company, its customers, and the culture within the company. The impact emerged after these trailblazers used the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to improve their business. During the conference, the audience tuned in on how businesses can use this platform to their advantage and succeed. In addition, the conference then began to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is becoming more and more relevant in this technological era. The speakers touched based on the pros and cons of AI, how it can play a role in the workforce, the lack of diversity within the AI realm, and the ethical dilemmas that arise. After the discussion on AI, the presenters changed topics and began talking about the new wave of 5G technologies and the potential affects it could have in the business world.

Day 2

AI is becoming very popular and growing exponentially into today’s digital world. More and more companies are starting to use AI systems to help them reach the path to success. During the conference, the audience learned how to apply, navigate, exceed customers’ expectations, and maximize productivity. The next discussion focused primarily on one’s health and well-being. Too much technology is not good for you and people need to find ways of preventing stress. Everyone unwinds and copes with stress in different ways. The speakers at the conference opened up to the audience and shared their experiences with meditation, physical exercise, and spirituality. They put emphasis on how important these remedies can be not only for your health and wellness, but also your ability to perform and succeed. The next segment during the event talked about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how everyone should uphold these goals to make an impact on the world.

Day 3

The event begins talking about the importance of promoting diversity and equality in business today. Since business is so competitive nowadays, not everyone gets the same opportunity. This sparked a question on what are the ways in which everyone could get the same chance? The speakers addressed this by sharing personal experiences on how someone believed in them and allowed them to get a foot in the door. The next topic presented was based on the issues with food waste and climate and how it can affect the world we live in.

Day 4

Life is not easy and people have to be able to go through its ups and downs as well as make tough decisions in their life. In order to make decisions, one must be able to have self-awareness, an understanding of their thoughts, and how they learn best in order for success. Lastly, you should not let people sway your opinion into doing something and should empower yourself to make decisions that will better you. In addition, the speakers touched base on the fact that you should not give into the media and you should be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Not only will this allow room for growth in your personal life but in your professional life as well.

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