Dreamforce 2022

October 4, 2022
October 3, 2022
Deniz Okumusoglu

Do you want to learn more about this year's Dreamforce conference? Our 3 colleagues attended the event in San Francisco. During the conference, the audience learned new insights on topics from speakers all over the world. These topics included: Salesforce Genie, Slack Canvas & Huddles, new partnerships, etc.

Salesforce Genie

According to our team members, it was the biggest announcement. Everything will be powered by Genie. Salesforce Genie is a tool that helps businesses act quickly and efficiently. It does this by collecting data in real-time and unifying it so that businesses can make decisions based on current information. Additionally, it allows businesses to tailor their services to each customer's individual needs. 

Salesforce Genie is not a separate product, it is part of Salesforce's product portfolio and replaces Salesforce CDP. It is based on a new data infrastructure for the Salesforce platform and has been updated with new features. It goes beyond the traditional definition of CDP.

Slack Canvas & Huddles

At Dreamforce 2022, Slack announced new features to support its function as a digital HQ. To enhance this role, Slack will get Canvas, a new space for teams to share resources that creates a “persistent layer of information” that exists alongside Slack channels. Within Canvas, users can share files, links, and multimedia with a specific group or channel. It can be created based on specific workloads or for specific channels of communication. Multimedia-like videos can be played within Canvas to reduce distractions, and other users can chime in with comments.

It is beneficial because it allows users to share workflows and data. It can pull records straight from Salesforce's Customer 360 customer relationship management as well as third-party services. Additionally, users can import any workflow created in Slack and execute it within Canvas. Links to other channels, messages, and profiles can be used too.

Apart from Canvas, Slack has announced new features for Slack Huddles, a meetings tool meant for quick, informal chats. With these new features, users will be able to start a Huddle in any channel or direct message, and enjoy lightweight video functionality, multi-person screen sharing, and messaging threads. 

New Partnerships

Salesforce and AWS have announced new integrations between the Salesforce Platform and Amazon SageMaker. With these integrations, customers can use Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning (ML) modeling service, alongside Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to build new AI models tailored to the unique needs of their business — and use them in real time across the Customer 360.

As they construct and train ML models in Amazon SageMaker using their preferred framework or tools, developers will now have easy access to real-time, unified, and purified customer data in addition to other data from their AWS data lake or data warehouse. The Salesforce Platform may leverage these specially created models to power customer forecasts and insights. By making the process of training and deploying ML models for usage in production easier, this significantly reduces the time-to-value for custom AI investments.

These connectors are enabled by Salesforce Genie. Real-time inference calls may now be made using this new real-time customer data platform, which also provides safe native data access for Amazon SageMaker's model training.

Meta & WhatsApp

The new integration will speed up customer relations, effectively deliver marketing initiatives and campaigns, and enable firms to sell directly to their customers via chat.

Sales, marketing, customer support, and commerce departments throughout the world will benefit from the opportunity to target their customers with personalized and pertinent real-time data thanks to the recently unveiled Salesforce Genie. This will lead to "clicks-to-WhatsApp" advertisements on social networking sites (like Instagram) that will point users to the direct messaging service's features, which include personalized image, message, and video templates.

Customer engagement will grow thanks to AI insights and automations from Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (CDP), as audiences will be segmented and targeted with the most specialized marketing campaigns and sales initiatives. In December 2022, the integration is expected to be compatible with Marketing Cloud, with other connectors to follow.


Salesforce and Snowflake also announced significant developments in zero copy data sharing that will help clients get more value out of their data. This strengthening of the cooperation between the two businesses will enable customers to safely work with data in real-time between Snowflake and the Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP), reducing the risks, expenses, and hassles associated with conventional sync techniques.

Not only Announcements but also Fun!

The event capped off three marathon days with over 60 keynotes, 150,000 attendees (40,000 in person and the rest via the Salesforce platform), 72 hours of live content, and over 200 on-demand sessions. On Twitter alone, they had 100 million viewers.

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