Czech company Enehano helps corporations get the flexibility of startups

July 18, 2019
May 22, 2020

With a total revenue of over one million USD in just 2 years, combined with a growth rate of 250% over the past year, it’s clear that this Czech technology company has truly discovered a market niche. In fact, Enehano Solutions now has customers abroad in several countries and is currently establishing a branch in the USA.


When Jiří Mach and his partner, Michal Peška, founded Enehano Solutions in 2016, they did not have a ton of start-up experience, but they did have manyyears of experience in helping companies improve performance and meet their business goals through IT services.

The possibilities they saw in the industry and the so-called CRM systems (programs for managing customer relations) were the perfect opportunity they wanted. Their new interest, Salesforce, has also integrated marketing, customer service, social networking and other management areas.

“We saw a huge potential in the Salesforce cloud CRM, which not only was very successful in the U.S. at the time, but was also fairly untapped in theCzech market. Our goal was clear: we wanted to become number one in the Czech market within five years and build the largest Salesforce consulting company. We also set an incentive. If we succeed, we will organize a company-wide team building trip in Hawaii, which we chose because the name of the company ‘Enehano’ is Hawaiian for ‘trust’, "says Jiří Mach, founder and CEO of Enehano Solutions

They saw untapped potential in the market

They saw a vacant position in the market mainly due to the lack of a strong and trustworthy company capable of supplying Saleforce solutions to large companies, all while at the same time maintaining the flexibility of a startup.

 “I believe we have managed to fill this gap. Today, we have several customers from banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies and we are also working on the largest running implementation of Salesforce in our country, ”continues Jiří Mach.

To put it simply, Enehano helps big corporations to be as quick and efficient as startups. Startups, in turn, help to drive growth and expansion. The IT methodology streamlines sales, customer service, and business marketing, mainly through the implementation and development of the Salesforce platform.

So what is the biggest benefit of replacing older CRM systems? "If I were to simplify it, I'd say it brings peace to your company. Making decisions for a big company in itself is stressful, let alone if you do not have all the necessary information. Thanks to Salesforce, big business executives have all the necessary data from different departments available in real time and can act on all-encompassing information. In addition to fueling more informed decisions, it also enables faster implementation of changes and minimizes wasted time by removing the unnecessary processes that are known to corporations today, ”explains Jiří Mach.

As a result, Salesforce represents peace-of-mind for growth and expansion in startups. “Managing fast-growing projects can often feel like a superhuman task and many startups have been burned out because of it. The advantage of Salesforce is that it grows as the company grows and adapts to its evolution.To a large extent, it enables automation so startups don't need to feel nervous about scaling fast, ”says Jiří Mach.

In addition, Salesforce companies don't have to worry about the security or quality of their IT infrastructure, because Salesforce has long been recognized as one of the world's safest cloud solutions.

They broke through with their idea

In the beginning, it was difficult for a long-standing industry to break the vicious cycle of their IT habits. “I did not have a project to attract IT specialists to the company, and when I was trying to get the project, I didn't have people I could show to the customer as a team that could handle the job. Financing and cash flow, which is difficult for large projects, was also problematic, ”says Jiří Mach.

The key was to put together the right team. “We have learned to build everything on trust in me and, in turn, in other colleagues we carefully choose and educate to the fullest. On the very first project, it turned out that an excited consultant we hired from a reputable company did not do a successful delivery. I threw out the consultant, sat at the computer, brushed up on the programming knowledge, finished the project, and finished the solution with the rest of the team, ”says the company's founder on the challenges of starting out.

Currently, Enehano’s customers include some of the largest names in the Czech Republic."However, we also help smaller start-up companies that have ambitions to grow, expand abroad, or have one information system on all their agendas," says Jiří Mach. Companies such as Bluewolf, Deloitte, CGI and Blue Infinity are their biggest competitors in the domestic market. Globally, all outsourcing companies supplying the U.S. pose a threat, including Indian ones.

U.S. office

The U.S. now hosts this unique Czech startup as they try to break through and establish themselves there. Mach preferred the American market to neighboring Germany.

“We were lucky to have chosen the Czech-American Productboard to implement Salesforce business automation.After successful implementation, they recommended us to their business partner, who was looking for a business who supplied Salesforce. So, we now had a second customer in the U.S. We then wondered if it was better to try to break through in Germany or the UK, where we had no references, or in the U.S. with a reliable reference combined with a very sexy brand, " says Enehano.

It is no easy task to streamline the processes of large corporations. Because of their size and lengthy, inflexible way of management, global companies are becoming more and more rigid for more and more people, just as the countries of the socialist block right before the fall of the communist system. "There are a lot of problems and it is an endless process of simplifying infrastructure and throwing away old skeletons, but I'm an optimist. Replacing a number of outdated systems with the only solution that employees can work well with and doesn’t require a "herd" of developers can be  salvation for corporations, "says Jiří Mach.

Large companies now can, thanks to the new generation of the enterprise system, gain the flexibility that was unattainable for them previously."For example, launching new products on the market will no longer be a massive struggle because in such a unified system, nothing has to be programmed for long periods of time and most things just " click ", says Mach.

This change will not be simple within corporations, but companies will not avoid it. "It will be important for people to realize in the appropriate places that they are not so much making a " yes "or" no "decision, but rather "when ". Corporations that start transitioning to a modern, multi-functional platform will gain a huge competitive advantage over time,” predicts Jiří Mach.

From product to business

On the other hand, startups, naturally, will encounter chronic problems.For many of them, the turning point is when they grow and start to earn. “The biggest obstacle is the scalability of the business. Hardly any company has a product that would sell itself, so it is most important to do business and its supporting activities well, and because every startup needs to quickly demonstrate its viability under the pressure of investors and competitors, it must grow rapidly and remember to improve its own product. The businesses that suffer the most are the ones where the product either cannot be sold by the founder or he simply does not enjoy it, ”Jiří Mach describes the frequent pitfalls of growth in startups.

Without advanced IT systems, companies find it difficult to overcome such obstacles. “Our technology helps by making the startup team smart enough to serve a larger number of customers and thus sell more using the same business team. We do this by clearly identifying those potential clients who are most likely to buy the product. Then, we manage the entire business process: we say who to send a sales rep to and what to do by automation, ”Jiří Mach gives a concrete example.

The system can generate an offer, send a pre-filled order to the client's email, and once it’s signed by the client, the client pays with his card and the system issues an invoice. Everything is automatic.

The Salesforce system itself is not at its complete peak and Enehano is also developing solutions that are above it. For example, developing solutions with Ageniq, which is used by startups and their investors. “This cloud, all-in-one platform allows investors or owners to respond quickly to business events. In one system they have all the information about their projects, customers, employees, billing, business, and marketing. Thanks to this they are able to see the profitability of the project or the whole company at all times, as well as the business process, how much work is spent and alot of other information, ”says Jiří Mach.

Growth by hundreds of percent points

With a commitment in a promising area, Enehano is growing fast. The company's implementation team now includes 35 specialists and is constantly growing. The company is headquartered in Prague, where it also works for foreign clients.

"But we offer our employees the opportunity to work on projects for U.S. partners right across the ocean, gaining experience with practices and technologies that are common on the Czech market, with a two-year delay," says Mach. The company's revenue is tens of millions of Czech crowns (over a million USD) and in 2018 it grew year-on-year by more than 250 percent.

Further development of the field gives the company great potential for the future. “In the U.S., Salesforce is now the market leader. I expect a similar boom in the CzechRepublic as companies will replace their old CRM solutions and move to the cloud. Even the first banks in the Czech Republic already have CRM inSalesforce and others are thinking about it. Gradually, it will replace inflexible and expensive Siebel, ”says Jiří Mach. 

As of recently, financial institutions have the option of moving their marketing to the Salesforce cloud, as the infrastructure for marketing automation that meets EU legislation is finally ready in Germany. "And because Salesforce is no longer just a CRM, but rather a platform for digital transformation, it is also possible to digitize and automate other corporate agendas - HR, back office, controlling and more," concludes Jiří Mach.

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