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March 11, 2020
May 22, 2020

Do you want to learn what CPQ is, the benefits it provides, and how it can make a big impact on your company? For starters, the CPQ software gives sales teams the ability to work more efficiently while gaining a better relationship with their customers in half the time.

What is CPQ?

CPQ Salesforce, which stands for Configure, Price, Quote software is a sales platform for businesses that allows them to accurately map out their prices. This platform not only generates better sales results but also is a very easy software to use for sales teams. CPQ can be accessible on any device (mobile or PC) due to the cloud-based platform with Salesforce. This platform connects directly to your CRM, allowing your company to make the most efficient sales leads.

How can CPQ Software Improve your Business?

CPQ software takes your business to the next level by allowing sales teams to deal with their quote-to-cash process at ease. This solution gathers everything that is needed when it comes down to completing a sale without the difficulties of wasted time and error in the process. Here are the ways that this CPQ software can benefit your business.

Automation — Generating quotes, contracts, prices, and other necessary elements in your quote-to-cash process can be time-consuming. This tool gives companies the option to automate these steps within seconds, resulting in more effective and accurate opportunities.

Guided Selling — Knowing how to match a product or service to a customer can be very difficult. However, with the CPQ tool, companies can collect and analyze data in a way that best suits the customer creating a sense of customer value.

Quicker Turnaround Time — CPQ can significantly help minimize client turnaround time as you and your customer can work at a steady pace without the hassle of wasted time and error in the process. Within the touch of a button, sales reps can access their clientele portfolio, product data, and manage their prices at ease.

Improved Accuracy — Trying to fulfill a customer’s needs to a product or service can be difficult and error is bound to happen. By using the CPQ software, companies can ease the process without the room for error as this tool breaks down the process for sales teams.

Personalized Service — Keeping customer value can be difficult at times when dealing with a lot of clients. This tool creates a process that matches the customers to their needs and wants, allowing the company to create value and build stronger customer relationships so that the company can capture value in return.

Want to hear what other customers have to say about CPQ salesforceListen to customer stories including Cloudera and Daxko.

CPQ solutions is an all-around great platform. It not only generates better results for the sales team but creates an easier and more effective process in half the time and with fewer errors. Resulting in an increased level of customer value and customer relationships that lead to more sales.

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