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April 27, 2020
May 22, 2020

The call center may not be your worst nightmare right now, but we will help you streamline your customer service costs.‍

Overloaded information lines and call centers are currently calling for help!


Have you ever failed to reach a call center because it is overloaded? Response to your email will come in a few days and if you reply and want additional information, someone else answers. And how many times has it happened to you lately?


For many companies and entire industries the current situation is digital transformation is something they have not counted completely and are not ready for:

  • They do not have online portals for customers to order, respond to their orders, etc.
  • They do not have contact centers to enable employees to work from home with a computer and telephone. This is a problem now that the centers are overloaded.
  • They are unable to handle within one environment and with a comprehensive view of the client their communication on social networks, email and call center. And it then takes a lot of time to always look up the history of communication at the request / request of the customer and respond to it again.

How do we perceive that contact center problems are the most common?
  • The necessity of work from the employer of the employer and hence the reduced possibility of domination
  • Queries cannot be prioritized and directed to the right operators to reduce query handling costs
  • Contact center operators need several different systems that are not interconnected to handle requests
  • Missing knowledge base and predefined answers to frequently asked questions
  • High staff turnover in contact centers in relation to the previous point increases the time and cost of responding to customers
  • One client tries to ask the same question through several communication channels - social networks, email, customer zone or call center, and due to the lack of identity, the answer is handled several times by different operators, causing misinformation
  • Customer service support system does not allow flexible response to management requirements and easily redirect queries
  • After a successful customer request, operators do not have fast support for subsequent and clever cross-sell‍

Salesforce Service Cloud is # 1 and you currently get its most advanced features for free
Salesforce is not only the most widely used CRM in the world, but is also a long-term leader in contact center solutions.

Thanks to the Salesforce Platform and its Service Cloud product, we are able to quickly build a complete contact center that flexibly handles end customer inquiries. We allow operators to handle calls from home and mobile. So you can handle all your customers on one platform.

With a defined knowledge base, you are able to handle customer requests through the portal without having to contact the contact center operators. This allows operators to address other, more complex queries. In addition, you can serve the same platform and social networking questions on the same platform.

Of course there is the possibility to handle requests from anywhere and any device. In addition to the web interface, Salesforce offers a native mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Salesforce Care
Salesforce introduced the Salesforce Care package, taking into account the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the increased pressure on contact centers.

This free 90-day extension allows you to take advantage of the most advanced features of this platform:

  • Portal solution where you can handle frequently asked questions without having to contact your call center. Of course, you can only insert it into your web portal
  • Portal solution allows you to respond in real time from your knowledge database based on customer inquiry and to offer the customer answers
  • The same feature is within the operator console. E.g. Salesforce automatically gives you the most relevant instructions on how to respond to your customer based on the keywords in your mail
  • Customers can also handle SMS, live chat boots, Whatsapp and Facebook social networking within the console
  • From Facebook, you can also redirect communication to Salesforce without having to click through several tools
And how can Enehano help you? We will build an MVP for the contact center for you only at cost

As we are pioneers of digital transformation, we decided to help companies do what we do best by automating your business. We now see the biggest onslaught at contact centers, so we decided to:‍

Build an MVP contact center for you only at our expense until the emergency state is revoked !!! This offer is valid for both new and existing customers.

The Contact Center can be built with Salesforce as a light-weight solution for handling the most common coronavirus-related questions and their impact on your services. To this extent, the MVP Contact Center can be fully operational within one month, including connection to the CTI for large companies.

But thanks to the robustness of the Salesforce platform, it can fully replace several of your contact center applications with a single solution. What's more, the current Salesforce Care package allows you to take full advantage of all the advanced Salesforce features and handle a large portion of your self-service requirements.


If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:



About Enehano Solutions:

Enehano's clients include the largest brands in the Czech Republic, headed by large banks, insurance companies or mobile operators. But it also helps smaller and start-up companies that have great ambitions to grow or expand abroad. 

In addition to the Czech Republic, Enehano has experience working for clients in the USA, Germany, Slovakia and Israel. For more information, visit‍

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