8 Tips for Successfully Building and Selling your App on AppExchange

March 27, 2019
May 22, 2020

AppExchange today is the largest business app marketplace. Over 80% of Salesforce users use this valuable ecosystem to connect with key stakeholders and install their applications with only a few clicks. Both big corporates among Fortune 500 and SMEs are using this marketplace which enables them to integrate everything into one system. Read on to find out how to successfully utilize AppExchange.

1. Understand your target audience

The first step to marketing any product should be to know who you are targeting. Conduct client interviews to get to know their needs better and assess which functionalities would be best implemented for the application. Create a strategic marketing plan to target and draw in that audience.

By knowing what your customer needs and what they are attracted to, you will know how to frame your product to make it attractive to that audience.

2. Set realistic and clear goals

Have a clear goal in mind for every step of implementation. Set goals that are both consistent and realistic within your company mission. Determine how this listing on AppExchange aligns with your company goals. Track your tasks and events in a calendar to make sure you are meeting your goals throughout the process.

3. Remember technical aspects

Work with your sales and accounting teams to establish a workflow for your invoices. It should incorporate both your new app and your existing products. Consider completing a few mock transactions before you launch your product.

Work with your legal team to review your partnership agreement, and then build your own contract for clients to sign.

4. Promote your app!

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Building your network through social media and events will help you spread the word about your app exponentially.

5. Prepare an FAQ for your customers

Write some basic answers that you anticipate receiving for customers to review. Having a basic outline of your app and how it should be used will help your audience understand your product better and streamline the sales process. Here are some good examples you should have prepared:

Share this FAQ with your partner account manager (PAM), who can spread the word to sales and product leadership and make sure your whole team is on the same page with your product.

6. Create a Demo

Creating a demo for your customers will help accelerate the sales process by answering more questions that your customers may have about how your app functions. The more information is available to your customer about your product the better!

7. Collect reviews at AppExchange

By building your reviews, you will be able to create a good reputation and draw in future customers for your application. Not only will your leads be able to receive valuable feedback to help you improve your services. Customer reviews are crucial to the success of your application and will help speed up the sales process of your product.

8. Continuously Improve

After launching your app your work is not over. You will have updates to release, problems to fix, and ongoing maintenance. You will need to take the necessary steps to prepare for any issues or changes that will come ahead. Having a post-implementation plan will help your company foresee any expected problems ahead and ensure you are prepared to attack those challenges face on.

These 8 points are critical in your company’s success using AppExchange. Having a clear vision for your application and keeping your strategic plan in line throughout the entire process will gain your company a larger return of profit and growth. Keep these points in mind when using AppExchange and get the maximum ROI to attract thousands of new leads!

Have more questions about how to utilize AppExchange? Shoot Zuzana an email and she will answer all of them!

Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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