6 Key Questions to Ask Before Launching a Salesforce Implementation

March 12, 2019
May 22, 2020

Implementing Salesforce can accelerate company growth exponentially. However, there are key things to remember before implementing. After all, its software completely changes how your company interacts within the organization and to its customers, so it’s important to take all the necessary steps for a smooth transition. Read on to discover 6 key questions to ask yourself before launching Salesforce.

1. Are your customers at the focus of your plan?

Digital Transformation is all about offering the customer a better, faster, and more personal experience. When planning your implementation, your company should keep the customer in mind throughout the process, asking how certain features will benefit the users.

Figuring out what your customers need and how you can plan your implementation to best fit those needs will help your company keep a clear goal in mind.

2. What goals do you want to achieve?

Having a clear vision will help make sure your implementation runs as smoothly as possible. With so many customizations available it can be easy to get lost in the project and not keep the end goal that you are looking for. Setting measurable goals from start to finish will help your company maintain focus throughout the project.

3. Who will be your project manager?

This question is critical to your project. The project manager will see your implementation from start to finish and should have an extensive knowledge of your business operations and your ideas for the project. They should be able to effectively communicate with your implementation partner as well as the other key stakeholders involved in the project.

The PM will be the person explaining the changes to your team, rallying support and excitement, and overcoming any issues that arise throughout the project so it is important to select someone fit for the job.

4. What other employees are involved?

Completing a major implementation takes more than just the PM to work start to finish. You need to determine what other members of the different company departments will be working on this plan and how each role will fit together to achieve the desired result.

Your IT team as well as other stakeholders/ leaders from the organization will need to work together to complete this large scale project. the best way to recruit new members for this project is to talk about it! So once you have your PM determined, spread the word around the office and see who can best help you throughout all connecting areas of the project.

5. What is your timeline?

Having a clear timeline is crucial to your company’s success. Without holding to deadlines throughout the project, your vision could lack focus and important requirements could be overlooked.

To have a clear timeline and vision for your implementation plan is important for a successful project. You want to know when your start and go-live dates are so that you can effectively meet deadlines.

6. Do you have a post implementation plan?

Once you complete your first Salesforce implementation it is important to note that your company and its needs will constantly be changing so the work doesn’t stop after the first project.

Since Salesforce releases new features 3 times a year automatically available to you, you will need to do follow up examinations to determine which features are most valuable to your company.

Having a post implementation plan to re-evaluate the system after it is implemented will help your company attack any challenges that may arise or expand with new features as they come out.

Keeping these 6 questions in mind during your Salesforceimplementation will help create a smooth transition, maintain a clear company vision, and receive the maximum ROI from your new solution!

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Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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