5 Mistakes to Avoid when Implementing Sales Cloud

February 20, 2019
May 22, 2020

Avoid these mistakes to get the maximum ROI when implementing the #1 solution on the market, Sales Cloud by Salesforce.

Don’t throw a shot in the dark! Avoid these mistakes to ensure your company grows!

1. Thinking you can do it alone

Sales Cloud is anything but a basic CRM. To make this program useful for your company you need to know the ins and outs of how it works. Only expert developers and administrators can adequately implement Salesforce solutions to fit a company’s specific needs. You want your investment to go as far as possible and enhance your company.

Check out our case study with productboard, a fast scaling SaaS company, who we implemented Sales Cloud for.

2. Lack of Focus and Vision

It is critical for your company to have a clear strategic roadmap and post implementation plan when integrating Sales Cloud into your company’s system.

At Enehano Solutions, we guide you with our 4 step process of implementation:

  • Analysis: At the start of every project, it’s necessary to clarify the project’s goals and KPIs. We help our clients specify their expectations and the project’s scope and we recommend best practices.

  • Implementation and testing: Taking into account our clients’ needs as well as the scope of the project, we choose an appropriate way to manage the whole project. As a result of choosing the right approach, we can help our clients specify their needs and the project scope.

  • Deployment and training: We know that the real work starts after the project is deployed to production. We provide consultation and, immediately after deployment, we are ready for the ad hoc adjustments and changes that are an integral part of the first weeks after a new system is launched. Of course, user and technical training for employees is always given.

  • Optimization and development: In view of today’s dynamic environment, we recommend applying the 80/20 rule to your first release: 20% of the functions will handle 80% of your requirements. To make sure the first recommendation works properly, it’s necessary to carry out an evaluation and develop the key next steps.

By having this strategic planning process for pre and post implementation of Salesforce, your company will be able to maximize your ROI out of this solution.

3. Lack of data clean up

Possibly the most critical mistake users make is inaccurate or unorganized data. This mistake can cost a company time, money, and lost opportunities.

How to clean up your data:

  • Data profiling: Know where your data comes from
  • Control your data: Use automated tools to clean your data
  • Integrate your data: Put all your data into one system
  • Augment your data: Include external information that will benefit your sales and managers
  • Monitor your data: Create ongoing evaluations of your data to discover potential improvements and monitor changes
  • Assign ownership and train users: Assign responsibility for each section of data to ensure a close eye on all your information

Read this article to learn more about data clean up!

4. Thinking you won’t need customizations

One of the reasons Sales Cloud is the #1 CRM on the market is because it is highly customizable to your specific company’s needs. Every company has different operations that benefits the specific way it operates. If you don’t take advantage of these customizations you are missing out on critical operations that could benefit your company.

Skilled developers will be able to customize Salesforce to tailor to your company’s size, processes, and operations of your business.

5. Not understanding mobile options

Mobile applications are a great resource for your company to tap into! In today’s increasingly mobilized world, people spend as much time, if not more time, in front of our phones as we do on our computers.

By not utilizing the Salesforce mobile app, your company is losing out on a valuable resource for information on the go.

The app is:

  • Free to download: You’re basically wasting money by not downloading the app because it’s included in your salesforce account.
  • Cross platform: Runs automatically on Android or iOS operating systems
  • Offline capabilities: Your mobile users won’t be affected by poor signals, FAA regulations, subway commutes, or bunker-style buildings.
  • It’s customizable: Just like on your computer, there are infinite customizations on the mobile app to fit your unique needs.

So take advantage of these mobile capabilities and download Salesforce mobile app!

Avoid these 5 mistakes and you’ll be using #1 CRM in the market like a pro! Do you want to get max ROI from Sales Cloud?

Connect with Enehano and shoot Zuzana an email!

Published by Danielle Nelson: Marketing Strategy and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions.

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