Salesforce Marketing Automation Pays for Itself

June 16, 2019
May 22, 2020

Marketing automation, a technology that manages the marketing process and campaigns across multiple channels automatically, is proven to be a transformative business tool. Marketing automation has fully capable customization tools to set messages, workflows, templates, and instructions to achieve better company results.

What does Marketing Automation do?

At a basic level, marketing automation is designed to streamline and simplify the most time-consuming responsibilities for marketing and sales positions; it is designed to simplify the ever-growing complexity of the business world.

Marketing automation lets you integrate digital marketing strategies without having to manually send every message, email or marketing campaign created or posted. Salesforce, the number 1 CRM on the market, can identify a target audience and design the right content to influence the most interaction with the campaign. Salesforce automation saves user time and resources, increasing revenue so you can focus on growing your business.


Generate Better Leads

Lead generation is extremely important in any business growth plan. Having leads and other steps between marketing and sales free up time to focus on overall strategy and nurture promising leads. With automated marketing, you can get a more detailed and in-depth understanding of customer behavior.

Using behavioral tracking methods through your website, Salesforce software can be implemented to understand prospects interests and where they are in the purchasing lifecycle. With this automated information, follow-ups and involved inquiries are easier to conduct and more customized to customer needs.


Bringing together customer behaviors with their interaction across multiple touch points enables automatic qualifying and prioritizing leads. This can drive more robust marketing campaigns to increase the likelihood of turning leads into customers.

Better Data Results in Smarter Decisions

Switching to automation also allows you to effortlessly utilize big data, collecting valuable information at scale and putting it to work immediately. By harnessing this data, Salesforce allows you to build a more comprehensive profile on prospective customers than ever before. Being able to utilize this data will power innovative thinking and in-depth analysis of customer desires and trigger points. Marketing automation truly allows you as the business to work smarter and not harder because the tedious work is left up to Salesforce.


Salesforce has extreme value by ensuring that all data received and used is quality and is being analyzed in the best interest of you. Having the best data to work with will give you the opportunity to make more informed decisions that will grow your business effectively.

Automation is the future

Marketing automation is going to be the heart of marketing for years to come, and a tool that will revolutionize business. Businesses can use tools to build relationships with customers, to advance their reputations, and to keep those customers coming back. Marketing automation brings marketing into the future, and in the process, gives marketers the ability to effectively manage the various marketing channels.

So, when it comes to marketing automation, Salesforce has one of the most robust and integrative technologies in the market. The cost of having Salesforce and utilizing this amazing software will provide an extremely high ROI year-in and year-out, proving all its worth and continuing to provide revenues that will put a smile on your face.

Have more questions about Salesforce Marketing Automation? Shoot Zuzana an email and she will be happy to answer! Also, you can check our new website for further information.

Published by Keegan Rowan Marketing Analyst and Content Creator at Enehano Solutions

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