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Do you ever take an equity stake in customers in lieu of cash payment for your services?

While we have considered this in special cases, to date we have not taken an equity stake in any of our customers. However, we are open to have a discussion.

Do you have UX designers?

Yes, our team contains project managers, business advisors, analysts, UX designers, technology and integration architects, developers, admins, testers and dev ops.

Can I speak with some of your customers?

Yes, of course. It would be our pleasure to connect you with them, just let us know.

You can choose customers from the US, Germany or Czech Republic – link to case studies.

What industries do you serve?

SaaS Enterprise

Fintech and Insurtech

IT companies and marketing agencies

What other customers do you have in North America?

Fast-scaling, SaaS enterprises and sales & marketing consulting agencies.

How long have you been a Salesforce Gold Partner?

Since March 2019 (we gained this partnership status after just 2 years).

Who are the founders?

Jiri Mach, CEO – 10+ experience as a business consultant with a strong background in tech.

Michal Peska, Chief Sales Officer – 10+ years of experience in Sales.

How long has Enehano been in business?

3 years; Enehano was founded in July 2016.

CEO problems that we can help to solve
  • “Now that we have received series A funding, we must scale-up rapidly to meet or exceed investor expectations.”
  • “Our marketing, sales & CX processes are highly manual and operate in isolation of each other.”
  • “We must ensure sales conversion rates far exceed our performance to date.”
  • “We can scale-up if we are able to demonstrate revenue growth required to raise the next round of funding.”
How do you ensure adoption of Salesforce within our people once implemented?

We always plan an adoption phase from the very beginning. It is part of our delivery.

Adoption plans differ based on the team size. We have experience with user adoption from small teams to teams containing thousands of sales reps.

Moreover, we can deliver onsite/online trainings for your customers as well as within our Support Plans providing ongoing support to make sure you are using Salesforce to its max.

Do you guarantee scale-up results? What if we don’t scale after working with Enehano?

Yes, we have this model of cooperation with some of our customers. Contact us if you’d like more details about it.

We have not selected a CRM solution yet. Can you tell me why I should choose Salesforce?

We always recommend to plan a quick informational call with us. We can then recommend a best fit for you and, in some cases, we can find other solutions more convenient for your business.

That being said, if you have sales team with at least 5 sales reps, Salesforce should be perfect fit for you -- its the world’s leading CRM solution for years and empowers your sales team with productivity and efficiency. 

Some of our clients sometimes think it's too soon for them to get into Salesforce, but since Salesforce scales with your needs, you can start with a smaller plan based on your growth then increase it. Moreover, once you decide to go in this way you do not have to tackle data migration later on.

We have tried new systems implementation in the past with mixed results. How would Enehano ensure success of a SalesForce implementation?

Enehano utilizes a holistic approach to accomplish your business goals. We are more than technical resources. We are your partners to tackle, what is essentially, the transformation of your marketing and sales approach. From experience, we understand the need for paying detailed attention to integrating processes, deploying systems, aligning people, and executing change including training and adoption.

What do you find are the largest challenges in executing your 10-week implementation deadline? How do you face those challenges?

Mainly, resource allocation for the project from the customer side.

We discuss with the customer what kind of resources we need from them before the project starts. They can easily ensure that they will have enough capacity for the project, or we can postpone or prolong the delivery time.

Who is on your delivery team and where are they located? Do they speak English?

All our projects have dedicated project managers or SPOC. They are responsible for customer success. The entire Enehano team speaks English.

Do you customize Salesforce according to our marketing and sales processes, or do we need to change our processes?

We always customize Salesforce according to your needs, but we use industry-best practices and sometimes we advise to change your business processes as well.

Are your fees contingent on successful implementation in 10 weeks?

Yes, we love to work on a success-fee basis. Do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Do you guarantee you will finish the implementation in 10 weeks?

Yes, our package is ready for you and within 10 weeks we just adjust it to your environment.

Can you support us globally?

Yes, we operate in NAM, EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and greater China and provide standard support globally. You can select from different support packages that are customised based on your business needs. However, our platinum support package is currently only available in NAM and EMEA.

What are the typical objections from your customers?

Different time zone

  • We have a team that is dedicated to our US customers and partners. There is an 5-8 hours difference, but our team has at least a 5-hour overlap block from 8 AM to 1 PM PT
  • We always dedicate a single point of contact who is responsible for customer success.

Doubting the service quality

  • Within 2 years we became a Salesforce Gold Consulting partner. This status means that we had to successfully deliver a large amount of Salesforce projects (more than 3 mil USD). Our team is also very certified (we have 40+ Salesforce certifications while growing every month).
  • Our customers reccomend us as they are satisfied with our service.

Price is higher than we expected

  • Our services aren’t the cheapest ones, but we focus on quality.
  • We hire experts in sales, marketing, and technology who can really bring value to our customers.
  • With our delivery center in Europe, we can offer CFO-friendly pricing but the most important for us is our service quality, not price

Why should I take the risk of using Enehano for my Salesforce implementation?

Our Salesforce Gold partnership guarantees the quality of our service and expertise.

Our leads-to-cash package saves your time within the implementation – so you do not sacrifice months of your growth but can focus on scaling up much faster.

You will get more flexibility during the project and we have CFO friendly rates.

What do you mean by “flexibility”?
  • We can scale up your team with senior experts quickly if it is needed
  • We can grow with customers even if they grow by hundreds of percent points Y2Y and adjust the CRM solution as they change the business processes
  • The contact is not a top priority for us, it is customer success
How do your costs compare to other Salesforce partners?

CRM is the heart of the company and you shouldn’t choose on a cost-only basis, but rather on the quality of service. Our goal is to provide premium quality service like Deloitte or Accenture but also provide our small-sized flexibility.

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